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  1. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to try some new things. We will see how they work out. It has been fun.
  2. Did you try Crochet Pattern Central? I am not a "thready" myself, but there is a cute turtle one on there that I may have to send out this Christmas made in worsted weight. You will have to sort through the list as they are mixed, but you should be able to find a few non-thread. Good luck.
  3. Crochet Today September/October 2011
  4. Joann's, Mary Maxim, Herschners, Knitting Warehouse. They all have different stuff on sale, but I have been able to comparison shop.
  5. I have the pattern, would it kill people to give a basic estimate of the amount of yarn needed for the project? I guess I have been so spoiled in the patterns I have bought where some even list the specific brands and colors along with the amounts used in the sample. At a minimum they give you a general idea of amount of yarn.:lol I will say this swap is coming at a great time. LOTS of sales.
  6. I got distracted looking up your links and realized I had not hit send on the email I had my links on. Sorry. This has been fun researching and planning.
  7. I could not it to let it to allow me to comment. No box came up.
  8. Great pattern. I couldn't leave a comment on your comment section.
  9. This is the page a day Crochet Calendar.
  10. I have both, they serve two purposes. I think its a great idea to have different cases for different purposes. I like the more traditional cases for traveling. They are flatter and take up less space in my project bag. However, for home I like my pencil case for ease of access.
  11. Thanks for your hard work. It was lots of fun.
  12. I have inherited all the ornaments from my Gram and my Mom who has downsized so I won't be making all mine. However, I do make ornaments for the younger relatives so I will be happy to join in as I get them done. If you are looking for free patterns to try, I have some links listed on my blog. There various types listed. For myself I have been searching for free and vintage pattern booklets to purchase that don't use thread as I am hopeless with it. I found enough patterns to make packages with ornaments for all the kids to start their own hand made collections. I still have lots of the ornaments that all of us made (Mom's tree) and those that were made for us. It is kind of cool to bring them out each year. I hope the kids get the same enjoyment from the ones I make for them. Christmas Ornaments
  13. Congrats. Amazon is taking preorders. What pattern got published?
  14. I have two traditional needle cases that my Aunt and DH gave me and I use them for my project bags when I am out and about . However, for my home I just got a kids plastic pencil box during the back to school sales for $1.00 and I am loving this thing. I can reach in grab a hook, set it down and grab another item from the box without having to open the case and slide the hook into its place. I can cover it or leave it open. I have a plastic shoe box on the table near where I work that keeps some of the larger supplies that I use that I recycled from another project.
  15. I really wish Hobby Lobby would move into this area. I read about them online all the time, but after checking their online store selector I realized I need to vacation to visit one. Updated. I noticed there is one in NH that I hadn't noticed before. This is promising.
  16. You'll have to give me some hints. I have only found one in the metrowest area and they are only interested in knitters. I would love to find some other options that are more crochet friendly in the metrowest, central MA area.
  17. I was just looking at you wish list. I am excited to get started!!
  18. There are lots of great options. Does the Mom have any preferences? This is the list of free patterns I have found and listed on my blog. Free Baby Blanket Pattern Links
  19. I end up using lots of black and it can be challenging. I find dark brown harder than black for some reason and I use that quite a bit for toys, too.
  20. Blue Ribbon Afghans From America's State Fairs
  21. I use saftey pins. I can get multiple sizes, they close, and I don't have trouble with them catching. I tried different kinds of stitch markers when I first started and settled on the pins. They were easy to replace and much cheaper.
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