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  1. Your welcome. It seemed like a shorter list to work through.
  2. Found something for my partner on the way home tonight. The box is starting to take shape. Then again I have to find a box in this shape.:lol
  3. Package arrived for my partner today!!:cheer Going to hit a few craft sales this weekend to see if I can find a few items that will fit the theme. I have one more order to place, but I think this box is starting to come together.
  4. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. It is nice to have:crocheting to keep you distracted as you recover.
  5. Hobby Lobby needs to expand. There are too many of us that have no access!!!
  6. They both look great. Midds great explanation. It is so frustrating when you read something and it leaves you completely over the writer's intended goals.
  7. Yarn portion of the package is solved after a few trips out today. An unexpected theme is beginning to emerge that began as I was shopping today.:lol
  8. Went to a craft fair this morning and found a that looks promising. While we were there I noticed a raffle for a LYS store in the town next to ours (the same town as the fair). We went by to look, but they were not open today. It holds promise as they seem to stock Knit Picks yarns (which I use for my doll's clothes) if they carry the lighter weights. They had a sale on crochet hooks which is a sign that they acknowledge crochet exists.:lol It is not a huge store, but I do want to go by and check it out when it is open. While we were waiting to see if the shop would open we checked out the Salvation Army store I haven't been in for years after reading about the yarn finds others have had in their local stores. I found 2 different colors of fingering yarn for my Barbie clothes and got 2 skeins of each color!!! I also picked up a wooden handled latch hook. I've been looking for a latch hook to help me with a couple of projects where the crochet hook isn't quite what I needed and a nice one for a $1 seemed like a good deal. The plastic ones I've been pricing have been much more expensive and likely not as tough for what I wanted. Have a hair appointment this afternoon then off to the stores to do more shopping.
  9. They are both awesome. Now that I have seen several people making yarn dollies as table covers I've been rethinking the idea. They look beautiful and without the impossible use of thread, this is something I could do. I am a Crochet Village groupie. I love the ami's there. The holiday themed toys are HUGE hits among the younger set in my family. They are always so thrilled that I keep coming up with new stuff. I just finished a turkey from there for my Thanksgiving box.
  10. It seems my storm block is starting to let up. I finished a holiday for my partner today and am part way through a . I don't want to jinx myself and bring on the wrath of the , but I am starting to feel back in the groove. I think I have mapped out my plans for the box. I am going to some local holiday craft sales so I may find some goodies there tomorrow. I also plan on hitting the stores to do some shopping.
  11. I missed out on the chance to do the ami swap I hope that is still being considered for next year.
  12. I'm so glad they took you right away. I had to wait and it was miserable. Don't push yourself too hard. Getting this out of the way should make the holdiay season MUCH more enjoyable.
  13. Would you add it as one of the extra montly options? It seems like that would be fair to those involved and not leave out anyone.
  14. Finished two . Started a but had to start it again. Looking better the second time. Placed my first order online. Still waiting to hear back from my partner about some other items of interest. Heading out to a craft sale and the stores this weekend hoping to find some:gift:stocking:ctree:2snowman:candycane:rud. Just a note, AC Moore is advertising their twice yearly yarn sale and Michaels also seems to be having a yarn sale this weekend for all those who might be searching for some deals.
  15. I think the cold fried the connection between brain and hook. I finally finished a for my partner, but keep frogging another . I have pulled some patterns, but still waiting to hear back on some questions before I start shopping. As for a theme, holiday crochet works for me.:lol:lol
  16. I don't know how big of a one you are looking for but Bizzy Crochet has a free one as part of her whole barn yard collection here.
  17. I am so sorry. I went through this. I can only say it was SO MUCH better after surgery.
  18. Great suggestions. As a frequent craft show shopper accessiblity is key. If I can't see what you have to offer I walk on to the next table to see what they are offering.
  19. Have you checked out Crochet Pattern Central?
  20. You've expressed my thoughts much better than I could. I have seen some AMAZING hand made wood toys at craft fairs. I would love to be in a postion to buy them and send them off to various family members for their children. These are heirloom toys that will last. Occasionally I find some smaller pieces that I splurge on, but for the most part the hand made cradles, games, and other pieces are well out of my budget. However, I do know plenty of people who do buy these items. I would never suggest that people price these items down because it is a hobby. There is a market and people willing to pay it, why shouldn't they profit from it. Some of these same people use those profits to afford the materials to make their donations to local charities.
  21. Mom introduced me to yarn bobbins in her last visit and it truly has saved my sanity. I almost quit a project because the yarn changes constantly. The bobbins have made a HUGE difference in keeping the stuff untangled. I got mine at AC Moore, but I have found them at most of the craft stores.
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