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  1. I like it, but have never seen it at Walmart.
  2. Bailey4

    doll books

    I don't know which ones you are seeking, but I just bought some of her toy books at Annie's Attic for my Mom and they were comparable in price to some of the used prices for the same titles. Unless there is a specific out of print title you are seeking you may want to try there first.
  3. My toys tend to need the f-g hooks. My doll clothes tend to range from C-G depending on the size of the doll.
  4. DogCatMom here is what I don't get, why offend the crochet people when your business is selling yarn? Why don't they think about this rationally if you owned a yarn store but were primarily a crochet person wouldn't you want knitters to come in and buy your products? This is the part that has confused me as someone fairly new to the situation. I used to do needlepoint and embroidery and visited a small craft store in town. The woman was primarily a counted cross stitch enthusiast, but she was incredibly happy to sell me the materials for my projects as I was a regular customer since we did not have a large store option locally when I lived there. She didn't do the work I did, but she was happy to make sure her regular customer had product to buy. (Obviously I wasn't the only one buying or she would have been out of business, but you get my point.) It seems stupid to ignore a market.
  5. Auntie B has a Yahoo Group that has her patterns listed under files if you join. These are the patterns I had seen under Geo Cities. They seem to be thread, which means I would have to find a way to translate them to another method. However, for those who are looking for thread patterns there is a nice collection. The group is abpatterns
  6. I use it for Barbie clothes. Some of the patterns ask for it and others it works where they call for sports weight but the modern sports weight is heavier than what was used in the original pattern. (I found that out through trial and error.)
  7. I have been looking for a while. These are the free ones that I have located to date. My one warning or lesson from searching is beware of viruses. Since free doll patterns are a popular search there are a number of people who take advantage of the keywords to make the sites sound great from a google search and I find Kapersky screaming that the site is dangerous. I try to keep my links updated, but there are a few of the older Barbie sites that have died off that you find when you search listings for Barbie free patterns. Geocities is one that I find quite a bit. It is a shame because some of the patterns sounded interesting. I have not found them relisted on other sites. My suggestion is if you find the patterns you like save the links, but download the patterns. You never know when they might disappear. Barbie Crochet Pattern Links For anyone interested in Barbie knitting the blog page is: Barbie Knitting Pattern Links I also have the links for Ken and Kelly listed and you can find those clearly marked if you visit the blog.
  8. Bride of Frankenstein
  9. Skipper Colonial Outfit
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