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  1. You've expressed my thoughts much better than I could. I have seen some AMAZING hand made wood toys at craft fairs. I would love to be in a postion to buy them and send them off to various family members for their children. These are heirloom toys that will last. Occasionally I find some smaller pieces that I splurge on, but for the most part the hand made cradles, games, and other pieces are well out of my budget. However, I do know plenty of people who do buy these items. I would never suggest that people price these items down because it is a hobby. There is a market and people willing to pay it, why shouldn't they profit from it. Some of these same people use those profits to afford the materials to make their donations to local charities.
  2. Mom introduced me to yarn bobbins in her last visit and it truly has saved my sanity. I almost quit a project because the yarn changes constantly. The bobbins have made a HUGE difference in keeping the stuff untangled. I got mine at AC Moore, but I have found them at most of the craft stores.
  3. I would love to enter. You are very generous to do this monthly and I love your patterns.
  4. I have collected hand made sewn bears over the years and the prices range because people will pay. I have always collected at the affordable end because it is what I can justify spending, but I don't begrudge the price they charge for the high end bears. There are bear collectors that will buy them if the quality of the bear artist justifies the price. Having had family that makes them, I know the cost of materials drives the basic price even before you add labor. It comes back to finding a market that will match the quality of the product you want to sell. Not everyone has the drive to do it. There is lots of competition for the buyers who will pay the actual value. In fairness not everyone is going to appreciate the difference between a item you whipped up quickly in acrylic and one you spent more time designing in a nicer yarn. If you want to get the money for the one you spent more time on, you have to find that market.
  5. It is part of the challenge with handmade goods. People want to "get back" the investment of time as well as goods used in making the product. A large item can be significant in terms of time not to mention with some of the finer yarn/thread cost for materials. However, the value people are willing to invest in an item is rarely equal to the time it takes to make the item. You have to have a customer base that values the quality (and it does have to be quality not everyone makes something worth charging the amounts people charge) and match customer to product. I saw some beautiful sewn doll dresses for the 18" dolls at a craft fair a few weeks ago. These were above the price I would normally pay for a doll's outfit, but the detail and added accessories were amazing. She was selling in an area where people would pay that kind of money to make their kids happy. She had the right match of customer and product. If she had moved a few towns over I doubt she'd have made one sale. While the work was certainly valued correctly, she would have needed to make a cheaper product to actually make sales in some of the lower priced markets around us. Would I pay the price, no. I don't know what the market is like in that area and if there are people who would pay. The yarn/thread costs for a queen size bed would be significant especially depending on choice of yarns. I know what mine are just making a simple afghan/throw using worsted acrylic and I tend to buy onsale. If the person feels they need to make that kind of money back to deal with the cost of supplies and earn money for the time utilized in making it and it isn't selling, I would suggest different materials, faster patterns, and faster selling items.
  6. Halloween has been postponed until Thursday do to a lack of electric power in the city.:ghost I feel bad for the kids. However, we found some towns had canceled with no rescheduling. While I understand, it is hard to explain to the kids.
  7. You know it's cold when you wear gloves to bed. I am so thrilled to have our power back!!! We lost our power Saturday and feel so blessed to be back because we were told it would be Thursday at the earliest.:eek My Aunt across town is still out. We are saying prayers that the power comes back so she has her heat back in this cold. You truly learn what amazing friends you have when the power goes out. Real friends bring firewood to use in the fireplace you've never used before and don't laugh when you call in a panic to have them explain your mistakes.:lol I sent an email to my partner before the storm blew out our power and have another one sent now that the power is back up. I tried to a --- but my hands were cold and I kept frogging it. I also had limited hours to weild my as darkness comes early this time of year. Now its time to get caught up as soon as I get some more information from my partner. :lol We got some emergency supply shopping done today so it gives me more time to craft shop this weekend. We also have some wonderful craft fairs coming up which also may yield some cute things to add to the package.
  8. What do you like to make? I make mostly toys and home items so I love Crochet Today and Crochet World. I even have a collection of older Crochet World for the holiday and toy patterns. I never find much in Crochet and Interweave Crochet because I rarely make clothes. When I first started crocheting I used to visit the bookstores and craft stores and flip through the magazines to get a feel for what they offered in patterns. You can also look at the websites to get some idea of the types of patterns they offer.
  9. I posted on an old thread and it since has been closed. I am trying to figure out which crochet magazines are still in print that you can order. I know there are Internet sites, but I am looking strictly for print magazines that you order and are mailed to you. I will update this list as people post. Crochet Crochet Today Crochet World Interweave Crochet Inside Crochet (UK magazine) Is Quick and Easy Crochet still in print?
  10. I think that is a great idea. I buy digital and print patterns and have a Christmas list for DH that includes both. Mom just knocked off one of the print ones on the list during a visit to the book store when she said she wanted to get some early Christmas shopping done. I would participate in a swap and be happy to get a list that included both and let me pick what I wanted to purchase from the list either in print or from the approved digital option. There are reasons why I might choose to go in either direction depending on what kind of package I am trying to put together for my partner. So even those of us on Ravelry might still be willing to ship printed options if people had mixed interests. As mentioned it allows those without digital access to find a swapper who will participate with printed options.
  11. Email sent. Can't wait to get started with the shopping. Just need the weather to cooperate.
  12. We were trying to behave. Well sort of in a way. Hi segi1974. Looking forward to getting to know you.
  13. With the cold here it is starting to feel more like a Christmas swap.
  14. There are supposed to be some good sales this weekend, but don't think with the impending snow I will get to any of them. However, if the power stays on there is always Internet shopping and my stash to work from once I know who my partner is for the swap.:lol
  15. This is adorable. I want to make some items like this for some younger relatives so they can have their own unbreakable Christmas village. It is all a matter of time.
  16. I had an Aunt who has been my crochet consultant, but my primary resource was books and DVD's. If I had access to a course I would have used one. I was talking to DH and said I need to find a knitting class because while I have been able to work through my crochet challenges I can't get anything done beyond a basic square with my knitting regardless of how many books I consult and while my Aunt can fix it when she has the time, I really need more steady help if I want to ever improve. There are more advanced crochet techniques I would like to eventually have the opportunity to take some classes on. I just need to find a local place that offers them that is affordable and that fits my learning style.
  17. Falling leaves is apt. I hate seeing Thanksgiving get trampled over in the rush to Christmas. I have fought the trend making Thanksgiving toys, decorations, and dolls dresses to send to the younger members of the family to get them excited and anticipating Thanksgiving. We always had HUGE family gatherings at my parent's home and as there were always TONS of kids some of my favorite memories are of the games and entertainments designed to keep the hoards entertained before the bird was ready for eating.
  18. For dog lovers, this time I checked that it is crochet because I am going to make a couple for the pups. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking
  19. Made progress on the last child afghan and some significant progress on Mom's. Found out my Aunt would be very happy with a RR which will be SO much easier and less time consuming. I need to get back to Thanksgiving, but this was a needed break from dollville.
  20. I get tons of family requests for the crocheted food. I even got Mom started making the knitted food. I have a page on my blog with free pattern links for food patterns for crocheted, knitted and even a couple loom knitted items. Based on the fact they keep asking for more stuff (of different kinds not the same items) I would say the stuff holds up well. I have several family members that are moving away from plastic toys, so the crochet food stuff has become a popular item for their play kitchens. Check your local library as well as there are several wonderful books with food crochet patterns. I have purchased a few of them because I use the patterns frequently for people who want toy kitchen items and they are my "go to" patterns for some of those items. However, you can preview the library copies to see if there is anything you would make frequently enough to bother purchasing. As far as what to make it depends on the kids. I have made breakfast meals, cups with drinks in them, hamburgers, cookies. I branched out and made pans. There is such a range of patterns out there much depends on what you want to make and how encouraged they are to use it in pretend creative play.
  21. I like having projects to switch back and forth between. The doll blanket is coming along. I have the last child afghan started again and making progress. Just to make things crazy I started a granny ripple for my Mom. The child's afghan and the doll blanket require concentrated effort to manage the pattern without needing to constantly fix. The granny stripe is a great pattern to do in company because the pattern is easy to follow.
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