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  1. Finished a colonial hat and apron for the 18" donation doll project. I'm working on a poncho that is about half finished. The poncho matches a pair of pants I made and put away for donations ages ago.
  2. A very generous and thoughtful KY elf gifted me 4 Annie's Quick and Easy Pattern Club magazines and an Annie's Pattern Club Magazine. Thank you so much!!!! I already have a snowwoman picked out to make.
  3. I never realized there was a difference. Then I got some Boye and discovered most of the ones I had been gifted were Bates or older version that were not so sharp on the edges. I have an f Boye and it is my only one. It has been driving me NUTS this Christmas because I have a bunch of small projects that require an f. DH has been getting strong hints about a wonderful idea for a stocking stuffer.:lol
  4. Finished two hats yesterday for my 18" doll donation.
  5. Finished a Santa Hat and a Pilgrim style historical hat for my 18" doll donation project. Hoping to finish a colonial cap and apron today. I want to get a couple safety cones and barrels done for the car lovers, too.
  6. You may want to check out this thread on Crochet magazines.
  7. There are a bunch of new pattern books out too. You can find them on Annie's Attic.
  8. Aztec Holiday Wishes Gift Drive
  9. Two wings finished and sewn on a Pteradon waiting for a doctor yesterday. Now he just needs feet and he'll be ready for Santa. Finished two more rows of the Kitty afghan. It is starting to get heavy to hold when the yarn changes constantly.
  10. These are the ones I've found and listed on my blog. Cabbage Patch Crochet, Knit, and Sewing Free Pattern Links
  11. Pulling together my doll donation. Mom sent me a package of stuff along with my Aunt. I have stuff I have put away. The project is due a few days earlier than expected, but I think the girl that gets this doll is going to have one well dressed Springfield doll for Christmas. I have a couple of hats to make and one more dress that may make the cut. I am also going to try to throw in a couple of crocheted safety cones and barrels to go with toy cars that people donate.
  12. Knook Patterns and Instructions
  13. Finished the safety cones and they are off with my Aunt for her grandsons. I also finished a knight finger puppet which I am still not sure will be for a Dec birthday/Christmas. Once I pull the stuff out I will divide it, wrap it and mail it accordingly. The Kitty afghan is chugging along. I can't believe November is almost over!!
  14. Play food is so cool. I made a ton last year for a play kitchen. This year I only have a hamburger finished to send. There are so many wonderful free patterns and books and other patterns to purchase that you can truly make a crochet kitchen.
  15. I focused on the kitty afghan yesterday. I almost finished my second time through the chart. If I counted right I need to go through 4 times to complete the project. Today I'm focusing on some safty barrels for my Aunt's grandsons since we are having company and I need something small I can work on. I need to get started on some finger puppet knights to go with a castle I'm sending off for a Dec. birthday Monday.
  16. :santaOut for delivery at 8:52AM!!! I really hope she likes it.
  17. I love Christmas. I was always the one pushing to get the decorations up. We have a rule in my house, if it doesn't move, it gets decorated. With the addition of a much more active dog I cut back on some of my decorating last year, but she was worth it.:lol I still remember the magic feel of watching cherished decorations emerge from boxes that had been collected from my grandmother's time to ours. When my Mom moved she gave me her artificial tree with all those decorations, including all the ones that remain from the ones we made as kids. It is a special tree that has amazing memories. Beautiful bag with wonderful holiday colors.
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