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  1. Crochet Saftey Cone and Barrel Ami's
  2. Thread. I cannot master it and so many of the doll clothes patterns are thread and it is frustrating. I have adapted some to Lustersheen, but still it is frustrating not to be able to work with thread.
  3. I felt much better about my crocheting when I moved to toys.
  4. I want one to come to MA. The closest one I can find is Manchester, NH. A bit of a drive unless I happen to be in the area for other things. Now if they put one in Salem, NH that would be another story.:lol
  5. We had to pump out the basement, but our power is on today ahead of many in town.
  6. I'm fortunate. DH is very supportive regarding my hobby. Without his help, I would never be able to get my online patterns purchased and downloaded.:lol
  7. I've gotten hooked on audio CD books from the library. I can listen and crochet. I find it a great combo.
  8. I still buy patterns, especially if I can get a good buy on out print ones that I am looking for online or at local sales. I try to limit myself to buying yarn when it it is a good sale price. I have "buy" prices for specific brands and try not to buy until it reaches that price unless I am stuck trying to finish a project. I try to plan projects around the stash I have although I just found a great price on yarn and got free shipping for a project I am starting for Christmas. The colors were not something I could find locally and I had nothing close in my stash.
  9. I love the fall weather and the smells. The fall festivals and fairs are wonderful, too. Another beautiful bag.
  10. Thank you for the pictures. It was fun participating. I will have to get an earlier start next year now that I know its coming.
  11. It gives me time to work through all the stuff I have on my hook so I have nothing to stop me from diving into my kit. :lol
  12. It is so hard to keep track. :lol I think perhaps I need to start writing the original location on the ones that don't have a web address on them when they print.
  13. Thanks for the advice.
  14. I am trying to figure out what kind of magnets people use when they are making the fridgies. They even have magnetic tape, so I am not sure what to buy and if there is something specific where people buy it. I know even staples sells magnets you can use on white boards for teachers. I just have NO idea what I want for a crochet fridgie.
  15. Focus on color and softness and pick a pattern you will enjoy making. We have granny's and ripples that are well loved in my house but color and the itch factor have been the important in determining how often they are used. DH has blankets his Mimi made and I have ones from my Mom. The favorites are the soft ones with the colors that don't show the dirt. I have a tendency to worry about getting the "pretty" ones dirty and take them out for special occasions. The ones that are scratchy also tend to stay in the closet even though I know the hours it took to make them. In the winter when I can put a fleece blanket underneath them the extra warmth is welcome, but most of the time, the itch is a bit hard on the skin. My nephews have had the same reaction to my Mom's creations.
  16. I have found some cute free patterns for holiday fridgies. However, I have no idea where one buys the magnets for the projects. Are there magnet types that work better with yarn? The lighest level I am likely to go down to is Lustersheen a (2) weight as I am useless with thread. I appreciate any suggestions.
  17. Being in New England has its advantages when you are seeking sea related items. I am so glad you liked your package. Enjoy.
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