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  1. Do you know what the problem was? There are three comments on that entry.
  2. Great to meet you Idagammy. I am looking forward to getting to know you during this swap. Christie I finished the afghan I was making and can't wait to see my Kit package. Now I can look at it without any guilt that I should be focused on something else. It's going to be fun keeping in contact over this thread as the new swap starts.
  3. I thought I would add my name to the list. I love crocheting toys and holiday items. I enjoy blogging about my projects. 1. Colored safety eyes for amigurumi and toy projects. Thank you FGM for green cat eyes I can find the black but I have trouble finding the colored ones. 2. Colored saftey noses. I have found multiple sized black ones, but the place I got colored ones stopped carrying them. 3. Wooden Crochet hooks, I have size P 4. Chunky weight yarn to practice my loom knitting. I know you can use two pieces together, but for now, I would find it easier to learn with one yarn before moving to two. Most of the stores around here focus on worsted weight yarn. I generally have to special order any lighter or heavier weight yarns. I made a few doll hats last year, but I want to use some of the patterns I received last year for Christmas. I collect old magazines and I am trying to add to a few collections. If you are looking to destash I would love any that you are willing to give up to a new home. 5. Annie’s Crochet Newsletter looking for issues 1,3,5,25,40,42,45,50,79,82,84-90,93 and above Received 25, 50 in Holiday Swap 6. Annie’s Pattern Club looking for issues 1-14,22,24,26-28,30,31,35,36,38,39,41,42,44,46,47,49,51,53,54,61 and above 7. Hooked on Crochet 1-5,12-16,18-20,23,25,36,51-57,59,60,62-64,67-69,71,73,75,76,78-84,86-89,91,93-105,107 and 109 and above Received 60 in Holiday Swap 8. Granny Ripple Blanket and Bag pattern 9. I love holiday decorations and Ami's for all holidays. If it doesn't move it does get decorated here. Handmade items are especially appreciated. I would love more seasonal dishclothes and potholders. 10. Your original patterns. There are so many great designers here. I would love to include more of the patterns in my collection. Especially ami's and toys.
  4. Congrats and enjoy the patterns. They are so awesome!!!
  5. I used to do the stamped stuff so most of that was 3 strands for the main stitches and two for some of the detailed. I know there are some patterns that use floss, but I have no idea how many threads they use at once. I would think the color blends would be interesting for certain jewelry projects. There is a wider range of floss colors available. Then again being totally useless with thread I don't know how well it would work.
  6. You can preorder through Amazon as well and some of the online calendar companies are offering deals for people that order early.
  7. Free Finger Puppet Pattern Links Scroll Down These make great last minute gifts, stocking stuffers, those little items for kids you didn't know you needed gifts for but you have some made up... I love the castle ones. I have made the knight, princess, and dragon several times.
  8. I really want in on this one. I will decide tonight to make the deadline tomorrow.:lol
  9. As my niece says, "Come to the dark side, we have toys."
  10. Saftey Cones and Barrel
  11. Crochet Saftey Cone and Barrel Ami's
  12. Thread. I cannot master it and so many of the doll clothes patterns are thread and it is frustrating. I have adapted some to Lustersheen, but still it is frustrating not to be able to work with thread.
  13. I felt much better about my crocheting when I moved to toys.
  14. I want one to come to MA. The closest one I can find is Manchester, NH. A bit of a drive unless I happen to be in the area for other things. Now if they put one in Salem, NH that would be another story.:lol
  15. We had to pump out the basement, but our power is on today ahead of many in town.
  16. I'm fortunate. DH is very supportive regarding my hobby. Without his help, I would never be able to get my online patterns purchased and downloaded.:lol
  17. I've gotten hooked on audio CD books from the library. I can listen and crochet. I find it a great combo.
  18. I still buy patterns, especially if I can get a good buy on out print ones that I am looking for online or at local sales. I try to limit myself to buying yarn when it it is a good sale price. I have "buy" prices for specific brands and try not to buy until it reaches that price unless I am stuck trying to finish a project. I try to plan projects around the stash I have although I just found a great price on yarn and got free shipping for a project I am starting for Christmas. The colors were not something I could find locally and I had nothing close in my stash.
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