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  1. My charity project was delivered yesterday by DH and the woman was blown away. I guess they are used to getting toys, but not a box full of clothes to go with a doll. Mom and I are already on their list for next year. The saftey cones and barrel were also dully admired, but the doll and clothes were the big hit. After Christmas I will have to start putting stuff away for the toy drive that happens here in the summer. I was caught off guard last year.:lol
  2. It is beautiful. I'd love to be entered.
  3. American Girl Knitted Jogging Suit
  4. American Girl Knitted Jogging Suit
  5. Great start on your crochet kitchen. The colors on the RR are beautiful.
  6. Down to the last few rows of the Christmas tree skirt!!! Now it is time to start evaluating priorities of what I can and should finish.
  7. That happened with my first doll blanket. Beautiful pattern, but I just don't have time to play with it right now to get it right. At this point finished is more essential than the "perfect" pattern.
  8. Beautiful work. I admire that you can focus on doing the same projects.
  9. Doll Blanket for 18" Doll
  10. Half way through our Christmas Tree skirt. I finished the 2 safety cones and 1 safety barrel to donate and those are off with DH for donation this morning. I need to finish the skirt so I can decorate the tree. :lol I frogged the other doll blanket so it will be ready to recreate with the second pattern I found which works up quickly.
  11. The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet
  12. Finished the doll blanket and DH bought the box for it this weekend. He was amazed that even though he thought it would be too big it was a tight fit.:lol Want to finish the saftey cones and barrels so it will be finished for the deadline. Started a tree skirt at DH's request for our tree. I have a beautiful cross stitch one my sister made, but with our latest rescue dog she would find it much too attractive. I didn't use it last year when she arrived in Sept. but was hoping it might make it back this year. However, I would much rather have the dog and save the tree skirt to pass on to another generation. If I can finish the round ripple crochet one it will be a suitable replacement.
  13. Great packet Kidget. Reminds me I have got to get a tree skirt started for our tree.
  14. I like the Kids Can Do It Crocheting. The pictures were helpful for me and my niece when she wanted her Nana to teach her. You may want to preview some books at your library to see what works before buying.
  15. Tiffer beautiful package. Great way to start the holidays.:cheer
  16. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work. I really enjoyed my first swaps. I wish the departing hostesses a wonderful break and good luck to those coming on board for the new year.
  17. The old Nike commercial just do it. DH and I are on the opposite end of the spectrum and we were the ones that drew the line early in our marriage. We were trying to save money to buy a home and we were constantly being pressured into the buying cycle we knew everyone else could not afford. We ended up donating more presents that people bought in those funky present aisles that nobody ever uses. We were the ones that finally said what the rest refused to admit, the gift giving had gotten out of hand. The first step was reducing buying for every person to buying for couples. That went over like a lead balloon. It was only a first step though. We broached the idea of drawing names, but nobody wanted that, so we decided on a radical approach that had been done in my family for years. We declared in the summer that year that we were going to buy for the old and the young. We bought for grandparents (sadly no longer with us), certain Aunts and Uncles that had always been gifted, parents, and all the nieces/nephews until a certain age, and that was it. There was a near riot on DH's side, but my side of the family had been going this direction for years. People had side deals if they wanted, but openly there were no expectations. (Two of my sisters have exchanged with each other and nobody else for years. Nobody cares. They do it privately and it isn't a big deal) We were the grinches. However, as time has continued and we all have experienced challenging finacial situations at one point or another they have come to appreciate NOT carrying the financial burden of huge expectations. They can focus on their own families and celebrating the season with extended family, not having a competiton for gifts. As I mentioned certain people still exchange and that is fine. However, because of this many have had the ability to pull back when finances have gotten tight because someone already set the stage for the present revolt.
  18. I think it depends on what you make, too. For instance the quality of store bought Barbie outfits has never been wonderful (at least the ones I had). My Aunt sewed and crocheted Barbie clothes for her daughter and that doll was the best dressed doll in the neighborhood. My Mom never made Barbie stuff when I was a kid, but now she makes it for her grandkids and great grandkids and half the stuff never leaves her house to mail to the grandkids because the neighbor's kids end up with the outfits for their dolls. I think I have purchased just about every knit book on the market for Barbie and the 18" dolls and she is having a blast being the cool grandma on the block. However, she gets frustrated when the kids aren't equally excited about a sweater, hats, mittens, etc. Adults are practical, kids not always so much. I expect polite, but not necessarily excitement over the practical stuff. I can confess I never liked clothes gifts store bought or hand made as a kid. We had to have them, but it never seemed like a gift, but just something we needed. We were always polite to the gift giver and realized that was what was needed, but it wasn't the same as getting a toy handmade or store bought. I can't think of any clothing gift that sticks out as one I was thrilled to get. However, I still have a Raggedy Andy doll my sister sewed for me.
  19. Started a granny square doll blanket for the donation doll project. I may frog the one for a family member that has been giving me headaches and redo it in this pattern. I wished I had realized I had this leaflet when I started the other one. Packaged up all the clothes for the project. Now I just have to get a box to hold it all.
  20. :santaFinish my 18" doll projects and get the doll and clothes to the drop off on time:santa:2snowman :santaFinish the Castle Puppets and mail with Fisher Price Castle for Dec. Birthday :santaFinish Doll Blanket for Christmas :santaFinish Kitty Afghan :santaSnowmen projects
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