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  1. I received a second package in the mail today. In it was Itsy Bitsy Babies and Their Bassinet Purses off my Christmas Wish List.:cheer:cheer I also got 2 Hour Dishclothes and I am extending my Crochet Today subscription with a gift subscription. :cheer Santa has made his second trip in two days.
  2. I couldn't post anymore with all the pictures and the details. I have the chance to try out the bent Clover needles which I really wanted to do!!! I have 2 more of the Annie's Crochet Newsletters and a Hooked on Crochet that I collect along with a Holiday Crochet magazine I have only seen a few of the old back issues of so I am one happy holiday camper!! I love the old Annie's magazines and they can be challenging to find. I am thinking the holiday yarn would be great for a tree skirt. I have a pattern I experimented with this year and would like to make for someone next year and now I have the yarn.
  3. My swap partner can finally open her box because mine arrived. She did a great job and I want to thank her for her holiday thoughtfulness. There were lots of goodies. 2 Skeins ILT Cotton 3 largeSugar & Cream cotton 5 Red Heart Cherry Cola 5 ILT Yarn Holiday Sparkle 1 Crocheted tote bag 4 crochet magazines Snowman candle Snowman plate Snowman decoration 2 thread angels 2 thread snowflakes Bakery dog treats Cards for me and dogs Bayberry votive candle and holder Ghiredelli chocolates Dog pattern potpourri Holiday dish towel Fleece snowman Bath gel and loufas
  4. My package arrived in town to the Post Office this morning according to tracking!!!:cheer They expect to have it here today. I am so excited. Now off to attack the Cat Afghan my last Christmas present.:lol
  5. Don't feel bad. It has been a crazy shipping season. I shipped 5 packages to TX for family and the package that was supposed to ship slowest (I shipped it media mail) arrived first and then the others arrived in shifts. I have no idea why as they all were shipped the same day and they went through different shipping sorting sites. They were all scheduled to arrive on the same day. Go figure. Since kids were involved I am glad I am the one waiting and not them. One of the wonderful things I learned through swapping is the tracking system. Now I do know where my family packages are since I slap tracking on all of them now too. :lol
  6. I love the spacing. It looks like there are a few months on and a few off so I can spread out my times to participate based on my interests.
  7. Tobogganing Snowmen the Second One is Complete
  8. Tobogganing Snowmen the Second One is Complete
  9. Tobogganing Snowmen Wednesday's Work in Progress
  10. Tobogganing Snowmen Wednesday's Work in Progress
  11. Great teacher's gifts. I am almost finished with my husband's tobaggining snowmen that he can keep in his office all winter. I had no idea how fascinated his office mates were with his Ami's until the Christmas party this year.:lol The kitty afghan keeps plodding on, but it is not looking good for a Christmas Eve finish.
  12. Mini Christmas Crochet 20 to Make
  13. I would check if this is one of their pattern books, which you can sometimes buy, or one of the free patterns that they have made into a kit. They will sometimes take the free online afghan patterns (with permission and make them up as kits to sell.) If you like their yarn it is great, but if you prefer other yarn you may find another alternative. Someone may be able to tell you which book this comes from. Many of their afghan books are on sale if this isn't a free pattern they made into a kit.
  14. American Girl Doll Poncho, Pants, and Santa Hat
  15. American Girl Poncho, Pants, and Santa Hat
  16. Can't wait to see it!!! So are you going to open yours now.
  17. I will post pictures later, but wanted to thank the thoughtful AZ elf that sent me a beautiful pink and white dishcloth, a crochet magazine, and a beautiful holiday knit themed card.
  18. My tree skirt is finished. I'm going to get it photographed and set on the tree and then the decorating can begin!!! I so rarely make stuff for us that it feels amazing to see it finished. I started a snowman set that I got for my birthday that I promised my DH I would make for his office when he bought it for me. So time to keep my promise.:lol
  19. You might want to contact the social worker at your local hospital. They may be able to direct you towards the right locations for the hospital stuff. If you are interested in making stuff for the shelters, I would call them or find out if there is an email contact and find out what they need and how to get it to them.
  20. You have your priorities right. Well the mailing deadline was reached for one set of projects. So the rest move on to birthday presents. I'm on the very LAST row of the tree skirt. I wrapped a ton of presents to box and ship last night so I had limited work time yesterday. It is a relief to know they are on their way. I am determined to finish the tree skirt today, work on a snowman, and get back to the Kitty afghan.
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