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  1. So cute. I love her stuff.
  2. I see no problem with letting her play with the hook and your scrap yarn and practicing chains. Another option is playing with gimp and learning some of those stitches. The gimp is stiffer and it doesn't require a hook.
  3. I've gotten a neighbor of those glasses over the years, but never would have thought to do something so creative. That is amazing.
  4. Any suggestions for a pattern that works well for a scrap tote?
  5. What a wonderful package. Very thoughtful. Your daughter is adorable.
  6. I have some pattern links listed on my blog. Scoll down to Tree Skirts.
  7. Stunning. I hope the raffle reaches a wide audience. I can see it being a popular pick.
  8. My suggestion would be to see if they can find the pattern information for them. Sometimes Grandma, an Aunt or someone has made them and can give you the pattern information so you have an idea of what you are looking to make.
  9. I agree with the anytime. I do find I need to stop before bedtime. Lately I've notice about a half-hour before I can feel myself losing concentration and frogging more. Then my heads off to bed before I do.
  10. I found a Dentist one at Kmart with the little Kelly Doll http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_004W015213180001P?vName=Toys%20&%20Games&cName=Dolls&Accessories&sName=Dollhouses%20&%20Playsets&Sid=IDx20100622x00003a&srccode=cii_5784816&cpncode=00-2356808-2 Toys R Us http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3770650
  11. The only one I have come across was a Knit one I found in a second hand book I got for my Mom last Christmas: College and Career Fashion Doll Wardrobe 18 Knit DesignsLeisure Arts 2066 However this is the OLD style nurse with cap/cape There is a Doctor Barbie out on the market if you really get in a bind. I believe she is a Pediatrician. I'll check some of my other books to see if there is one I missed.
  12. I found patterns on there, too. In fact I just found some bear sports patterns that would be perfect for my Mom who has a build a bear.
  13. With some suggestions I think I started on my first item tonight. Never used this pattern so we will have to see how it works out. So far I really like it and I learned a new stitch.
  14. I can't wait. You have to promise to post pictures when you finish that train.
  15. Oooh! I am so excited!! :clap:cheerI can't wait to see what you picked. I have been working to get the other stuff out of the way because I know I am going to want to start on it as soon as I open it. I should have the stuff I need to donate done before it arrives. I started it last night. I know I won't be able to resist. How's the grandson doing?
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