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  1. Bride of Frankenstein
  2. Skipper Colonial Outfit
  3. I don't buy many kits, but I do find Mary Maxim seems to be the place most of my family suggests.
  4. There is a simple way of having the Title of Your Blog entry listed with the link attached instead of the long string of your URL Write the name of the title you want to appear Example: Today's entry Highlight the entry with your mouse Click on the Globe with the paper clip up in menu items. It will bring up a box to enter your blog's URL. I tend to copy and paste the URL into the box. Enter the URL and hit enter. Your blog title will now be clickable. Today's entry
  5. I find the magazines are great to take places when crocheting isn't practical. It is nice to have something to read. I can get lost on the Internet looking at online patterns though. There are so many wonderful ones to explore.
  6. Even in the fall if you have small items people will put them away for the holidays. DH and I visit lots of craft shows starting in the fall and having a range of items that will sell can be helpful. Toys, dolls clothes, etc. are not as common around here as the house items. If I ever go the table route I am thinking of going that route.
  7. I think it comes and goes. I did not learn as a kid, but when I wanted to make dolls clothes and toys, I decided I needed to learn and found that lots of people around me knew and started up again when they saw me doing it. If you look at the number of books and e-patterns being published I don't see it as a dying art.
  8. I have started working on my Halloween projects. Frankenstein
  9. I love rounds. My rows always end up messy and I have to clean them up.
  10. I like making toys, dolls clothes, and small house items. I am working on some afghans and it isn't bad, but I had to stop and work on a few small items for a break.
  11. I can knit, but I find it hard to fix my mistakes when I drop a stitch, etc. This is why I stopped. I like the ease of fixing my problems with crochet.
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