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  1. With a birthday in July, I have always loved the idea of Christmas in July. I think I posted this on the wrong place so I deleted and moved it here. As many have said, I have no trouble with recycled items from your stash. I cannot crochet with thread so I am looking for patterns that avoid using crochet thread. I send out family packages for the holidays, so I am always trying to find items to entertain the kids. With all the scares about Chinese toys many now are prefer my Crochet toys. I appreciate any help. Dragon Crochet Patterns Dinosaur Crochet Patterns Colored Amigurumi safety eyes Wooden Crochet Hook any size Non-thread Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns Halloween Crochet toy patterns Non-thread Barbie (or Barbie’s family) Crochet Patterns Non-thread American Girl Doll/18” Crochet Patterns Row counter
  2. I use it for Barbie clothes. Some of the patterns ask for it and others it works where they call for sports weight but the modern sports weight is heavier than what was used in the original pattern. (I found that out through trial and error.)
  3. I have been looking for a while. These are the free ones that I have located to date. My one warning or lesson from searching is beware of viruses. Since free doll patterns are a popular search there are a number of people who take advantage of the keywords to make the sites sound great from a google search and I find Kapersky screaming that the site is dangerous. I try to keep my links updated, but there are a few of the older Barbie sites that have died off that you find when you search listings for Barbie free patterns. Geocities is one that I find quite a bit. It is a shame because some of the patterns sounded interesting. I have not found them relisted on other sites. My suggestion is if you find the patterns you like save the links, but download the patterns. You never know when they might disappear. Barbie Crochet Pattern Links For anyone interested in Barbie knitting the blog page is: Barbie Knitting Pattern Links I also have the links for Ken and Kelly listed and you can find those clearly marked if you visit the blog.
  4. Bride of Frankenstein
  5. Skipper Colonial Outfit
  6. I don't buy many kits, but I do find Mary Maxim seems to be the place most of my family suggests.
  7. There is a simple way of having the Title of Your Blog entry listed with the link attached instead of the long string of your URL Write the name of the title you want to appear Example: Today's entry Highlight the entry with your mouse Click on the Globe with the paper clip up in menu items. It will bring up a box to enter your blog's URL. I tend to copy and paste the URL into the box. Enter the URL and hit enter. Your blog title will now be clickable. Today's entry
  8. I find the magazines are great to take places when crocheting isn't practical. It is nice to have something to read. I can get lost on the Internet looking at online patterns though. There are so many wonderful ones to explore.
  9. Even in the fall if you have small items people will put them away for the holidays. DH and I visit lots of craft shows starting in the fall and having a range of items that will sell can be helpful. Toys, dolls clothes, etc. are not as common around here as the house items. If I ever go the table route I am thinking of going that route.
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