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  1. Mary Maxim rarely offers shipping and percent off codes.  There were a couple of items I've been waiting to pick up and hoping for a shipping deal.  $5 shipping and 10 percent off with order over $40.  Code is TENPERCENT

    You do need to order $40 but as I said there had been a few things I had been waiting to buy so it worked for me.  I like Mary Maxim but I find their shipping to be too high to shop unless I wait and get a shipping deal.  Offer ends Monday 11:59pm eastern time

  2. I've never purchased yarn at Amazon because even with Prime they've always embedded the cost of shipping into the cost of the yarn making the price much higher than my other options.  Recently though I noticed Caron One Pounders which I use frequently in my doll donations starting at $6.15 with Prime shipping.  This is highly competitive to the prices I can get locally and I don't have to leave home to get it.  They had some of the large Red Heart Super Saver at prices close to what I pay locally.  The yarn selection doesn't seem to be wide, but if you are struggling to get yarn locally and are a prime member it might be worth checking out what they have. 

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