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  1. 13 hours ago, Apak said:

    Shawl number 2 for niece number 2 is ready :hook

    For me it looks like a watermelon 🍉



    This is so pretty.  It makes me think of summer and warm days not like the freezing weather we are currently having.  The texture is so amazing.  The colors do blend so well through the changes.

  2. 16 hours ago, Gardener said:

    Hi ladies. Nothing much going on here. I’m working on reducing my yarn stash. So far this year I have knit 5 dishcloths, crocheted a double thick potholder and finished a pair of fingerless gloves. Sadly, this did not make a noticeable dent in my stash.  


    Good for you. 

    I keep adding but I am targeting old stuff trying to make it go away.  The key for me is targeting the stuff I am not likely to buy again as that is what truly decreases my stash.  I know the yarn I use regularly on projects will be replaced as soon as I finish it off or if no longer available I look for a substitute.  It's nice to know I'm actually using what I buy, but if I want to kill the stash I need to use up the yarns that are left over from other projects or bought with good intentions but never used.

  3. I've been complaining constantly about shipping issues so it is time to share good news.  Mailed Valentine package Wed was scheduled for Monday delivery.  Got notification out for delivery today!!!  This time it went through NH instead of CT or Springfield MA.  New path better outcome!!

    Also, Treasured Heirlooms, an out of print pattern site has found a new server and is back online. I discovered this yesterday and much to my delight I was able to pick up a companion leaflet, Dress Up Baby Dolls, to the House of White Birches Holiday Dolls pattern that I've been using with the 8" dolls.  This one has more day to day clothing that I can use for the donation dolls.

    I for one am glad to hear and share the positive stuff on occasion.

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