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  1. As warm as it has been this fall I am worried about the winter because the chipmunks and the squirrels are having it out over collecting nuts.  I've never seen them gathering like this before.  They were up in one tree literally cutting branches to harvest.  I heard stuff crashing off neighbor's shed and couldn't believe it.  It was like watching a harvesting crew go through the trees.

  2. Finally looks like fall weather all week.  Finally have long pants on!!!

    As for the hand made gift stuff as long as people aren't jerks about telling me they don't like hand made stuff I'd actually rather know than waste time making stuff. What annoys me is when they ask for something and then never use it or think they are doing me a favor by giving me a project to keep me busy and didn't really want it kind of thing.

    I'm not a hypocrite about it I don't wear much in the way of yarn clothing with the exception of an occasional shawl.  I prefer fleece hats, scarves, and gloves. I was thrilled when I finally got my Mom to stop making me sweaters.  I never wear them and it is a huge investment of time and money on her part for a project that makes my skin itch.

    I'm always confused by the posts (on another site) my husband/boyfriend doesn't like crocheted/knitted items what can I make him for instance.  I'm usually the person asking why are you giving him a gift he isn't going to like while other people post 10 items you know the guy is going to hate and the girl will be mad if he doesn't gush all over the gift you knew going in he wasn't going to like.

    I was always raised to smile and say thank you when you receive a gift.  I say this because I always try to treat gifts and givers with respect.  However,  I have received some weird stuff over the years both hand made and purchased primarily from family and wondered why?  Do you remember who I am at all?  You could clearly tell they made/bought presents for themselves and assumed everyone else would of course love them.  This likely has guided my perspective on the hand made gift thinking.  I do get caught up in oh isn't this lovely but I have to step back and ask myself who am I making/buying this for and will they find it lovely too?

  3. Another option I use sometimes when I'm struggling with the count is to mark every 10 stitches.  When you are working on the next row and get to stitch 10 you take out the counter make the stitch and replace the marker in the 10th stitch, 20th, and so on and it can help you make sure you haven't lost stitches.  It also means you tend to notice if you made a mistake before you get to the end of the row.

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