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  1. It is a good question but the answer is also pretty straight forward how important is it to you that your project has the shape you want?  Whether you are crocheting in rows for a blanket or in the round for a toy or other type of project maintaining the appropriate number of stitches helps create the look of the project you started out wanting to make. 

    For me it sometimes depends on the project how often I check when the rows stay the same over a period of time but I do continue to check because it is really easy to add or lose stitches and you either continue with a project out of shape trying to make corrections or you pull out to the point where you added or dropped and honestly it is far easier to keep up the count.

  2. They say the best time to replace if you know you limped through last season and you won't make another is summer.  Many of them seem to be looking for the work then, especially if they don't also do AC work.  I know we have a standing service appointment at the end of every summer where they come out to service the beast to prep it for winter because they are free and its before they are getting no heat calls as fall approaches and people start to turn the heat back on.

  3. Sorry about the heating/cooling unit going.  I know what a hassle that can be.  We don't have central air but we nursed our heater for several years through many a cold winter because we knew replacing it would be expensive.  What ticks me off is right after we replaced it they upgraded their heating "line" so our "new" heater which should be good for 10-15 years is now considered to be out of date.  Would have been nice to know when you sold it to us....They still are making the parts for the moment but are greatly complaining about the challenge of getting parts for it.  This does not a happy camper make me as we were assured this upgrade would be good for years.  There was no mention of this being an older line in fact we bought it because it was supposed to be state of the art for heating efficiency.  It does save us money on gas so on that they didn't lie.  However, nothing in the price or the sales indicated they'd be closing out this line when we got it.

  4. You might want to try some used pattern sites.  They often have out of print titles and you may find the one you are looking for that way.  Did you buy it online?  If so you might be able to check the account orders to see what you bought.

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