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  1. Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items
  2. Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items
  3. Doll Diaper Bag Items The doll diaper bag items are done for the year!! Still have to figure out what I'm going to do for the bags but that's for another day. My F hook wandered off mysteriously so I'm hoping to hit Hobby Lobby tomorrow as they carry the metal hooks with the bamboo handles. It's so nice not to have to order them online. They have their own brand but so far I haven't had a problem with them and the Bates Bamboo are becoming harder to find locally.
  4. Even with the doll blankets I use a larger hook. I is what I've used with the baby yarn.
  5. When I grew up we used to take a bus to Concord to Walden Pond made famous by Thoreau for swim lessons as there was no local pool/public pond for Red Cross swim lessons. It would have been so awesome to walk just two streets up to a pool year round. I think it's great to see the local kids getting swim lessons, swim team, dive teams, etc. It is just a shame it took so long to get built.
  6. Ironically, they built the pool that DH and I use now just after I moved out of my parent's house. It is housed in a now closed elementary school that I walked to when I attended school there. The school was only 2 streets from my house. I was so frustrated when I found out they waited until I moved to install the pool. All those years!!! They've installed a pool and a Senior Center but the place still looks remarkably like the elementary school I attended let's not talk about how many years ago. The gym/cafeteria room still looks much like it did back then. It is almost scary. The Senior Center was an addition so that area is new but they still use the small elementary school space for various purposes. Last night we realized the benefit of school vacation. The dive team came early and they added warm water after they left right before we arrived to the dive well. After coming in out of very cold air it was such a treat to climb into warm water. Of course getting out not so much.
  7. It would help if you posted a picture of the problem. I've used Bernat's Baby yarn on doll projects which generally are crocheted tighter than baby blankets and while its acrylic yarn so it has an acrylic feel to it but I've never found it to feel hard. So, I'm trying to imagine what the project looks like that you say it feels hard. I've always thought it felt pretty soft. I tried making doll blankets with left over bulky yarn a few years back and while not "hard" they were way too heavy for the project and I frogged them. That is why I questioned using bulky for the baby blankets. If it is too heavy for a doll, I can't imagine it would be great for a baby. However, if you are using traditional baby yarn and still having this problem, I'm thinking it has to be something to do with how tight the stitches are, thus your tension. Without a picture it is hard to know. We are just guessing.
  8. Baby Doll Yellow Daisy Dress
  9. Baby Doll Yellow Daisy Dress
  10. Baby Doll Yellow Daisy Dress My continuing quest to use up stash yarn.
  11. Is there a reason you are using bulky yarn for a baby blanket?
  12. Baby Doll Lulu Gown This is the one I tried to make when I made the Day of Play set instead
  13. I love aqua exercise. We sadly get to the pool in the next town about once a week. I'd love for it to be more but the evening and weekend hours are highly competitive with all the local swim teams. Have you ever tried water running? There are lots of great toning exercises for the water too if you want to branch out beyond swimming. We are fortunate to have a deep water dive well that is also used for exercise. It is wonderful for running and other types of exercise. They don't allow lap swimming in the dive well it is just for exercise when not in use by the dive teams or scuba. You can do water running in any pool and many of the other exercises as well. I suspect there are videos online if you decide you are interested.
  14. Baby Doll Sunset Dress Nothing like working with color during the dark days of winter.
  15. Bailey4

    Chihuahus Pups

    These are adorable. How did you like the patterns? The dog patterns intrigued me.
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