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  1. My thought was how you finished off your ends. There are different methods and ways, but having the ends secure does make a huge difference in not having the piece unwind.
  2. Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets
  3. Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets
  4. This is the last of the summer bday gifts. I have a baby blanket to post and a fun sister of the baby project to post. I have to get the pictures taken and posted first. Three Little Pig Finger Puppets
  5. Joann's has it here I don't see an offer for free shipping but they have regular offers that come and go there is often a minimum buy as shipping is a cost for them as well. Fabric.com has it again with shipping starting at $4.99 If you have a Michael s near you it appears to be on sale this week although already sold out online Ben Franklin has it online don't know what the shipping costs are It's hard when you have a specific color you need you often need to order it and pay either in price or shipping. With Red Heart being bought out it may even be more challenging to get the specific colors you want. As stated above if this is a color you need to finish a project, my suggestion would be to do a search online for the color and get what you need before it is discontinued to be sure you can complete the project. If it is a general interest for a color than the pressure to find it can wait and you can shop around for better options on pricing. I don't know what other options you have in the area for yarn other than Walmart, but if shipping is a concern checking there isn't a bad choice either. Joann's, Michals, AC Moore,, and I'm sure there are plenty of other craft chains we don't have in this area. I did a quick check online because while we don't have a local one I do order from Hobby Lobby online and I don't think they carry Red Heart.
  6. In the beginning I didn't really notice the difference. As I got better I found Bates just worked better and eventually moved to the Bates Bamboo with the larger handles. I've gone back to Boye occasionally when I've been some place and someone has asked for assistance and it's not like I can't use them it's just not as comfortable.
  7. I do buy them for the holiday dolls I love, but while the same price, Annie's does occasionally offer shipping deals MM rarely does.
  8. I use various bags but often I have projects in different areas going on. However, I find for my hooks those cheap plastic pencil boxes they sell this time of year for back to school are great for hooks and other supplies. I bought a couple extra this fall and one is now holding my yarn bobbins that I just finished up using on an afghan. In the past I kept losing them and they are getting harder to find in local stores. So having better storage works. I find the little pencil case fits nicely into a project bag when I want to take my stuff places and the stuff doesn't fall out of the bag it stays shut inside the pencil case.
  9. Crochet Dog and Bed Playset
  10. As I mentioned before I'm getting caught up with posting my summer bday gifts. This one was a favorite perfect for the child not quite ready to take on full time care of a real pet. Dog and Bed Playset
  11. I love getting bookmarks as gifts as I still read lots of actual not just ebooks. I'm always looking for something to use as a bookmark. What a creative idea.
  12. Three Little Pigs in a Bag
  13. Well I finally decided it is time to get caught up documenting some of my projects because they all to quickly get forgotten. I'm starting with the birthday presents I made in July. First up Pigs in a bag? Three Little Pigs in a Bag
  14. It's funny when I saw the catalog I thought of you when I saw those. They came out adorable!!!!
  15. Federal special ed law requires local school districts to evaluate preschoolers with disabilities for services. I don't know if they are looking for preschool for daycare or traditional preschool if the child qualifies at 3 they do start to provide services sometimes that includes part time preschool with specially trained staff and additional services not available in traditional daycare type preschools. It's worth contacting the school district and also having the state and federal laws in hand when they do. If she has a diagnosis from the child's pediatrician it can start the door opening on services. As a former public school teacher I will say these situations work best when the classroom teachers are provided with appropriate support to deal with the situations presented. People should speak with respect and concern for the child, but I will say it can be challenging when the schools mainstream children without appropriate training for the main teacher and appropriate supports in place for the students being mainstreamed so the experience is a positive one for all parties involved. All too often children with a variety of needs that require specific management skills are promised help under their ed plans that will be there every day, but in reality, that help is not provided and it is hard for main teacher to manage without trained help. One of the best, but not cheapest, programs I ever observed paired a regular classroom teacher and a full time SPED teacher for a year with a class with a group of mainstreamed children. The SPED teacher, not an assistant, not only worked with the students assigned to her, but she also helped to structure the classroom to be more adaptive to the students needs. She worked with the teacher on how to manage lesson planning, behavior modification, etc. The following year the teacher had the more traditional model of a SPED drop in teacher and an assistant for her new students but she had a new perspective on how to plan for those students. Not an inexpensive method, but it gave practical tools for how to rethink what you do to work around children's needs. It's really hard to do that when you don't really have the opportunity to work with the SPED teacher assigned to your students to really make big changes. You end up putting bandaids on big problems rather than learning how to manage them.
  16. Thank you to an AZ FGM for a beautiful doll dress for my annual Christmas doll donation. I love the color!!!
  17. Thank you to a very special FL FGM for sending me her doll donation for the annual Christmas donation. She is beautiful as are her clothes and the bag she sent with her. Thank you so much the high school kids running the drive and the child who gets this pretty doll will all be pleased!!!
  18. I caught a nasty little bug so I was out of home schooling and crocheting for over a week. It is great to see everyone's projects.
  19. What a beautiful dress. It is so easy to be hard on ourselves when we look at our work. But the little hands just want something that fits and that they can get on and off and looks pretty. This checks all the boxes. I love the color and the texture is beautiful. The little holes are common with these types of patterns that make a more decorative skirt.
  20. I'm still working on my doll donations although I haven't been good about getting pictures done. I finally got some posted and thought it was time to share. Easter Dress Valentine Outfit Baby Doll Changing Pad Hearts and Flowers
  21. Thank you to a FL FGM for a Wood Carrier Toy pattern this is perfect for a summer bday toy.
  22. Love the print for the blankets. The butterflies sound beautiful. Looked what arrived from Greyhound Grandma today!!! 3 Doll Blankets for the Doll Donation. These are so beautiful. I am so thrilled. The patterns and colors are delightful.
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