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  1. I thought it was supposed to be 30% off yarn last week but cashier said not so even though tag by yarn said so. Since I was only getting one skein I just used 40% off coupon for one item and it worked out better for me anyways The app always has the coupons for the week so that worked.
  2. Every so often I get the Caron Pounders sold and shipped by Amazon at a really good price since I have prime shipping. I have them in my wish list and only buy when the price drops. Doesn't happen often but considering the cost of shipping if there is something you use frequently and the price and shipping tend to be high it is worth grabbing them when they have them on sale. I do tend to keep kind of mental lists ready for shipping deals from the other stores as the cost of shipping can honestly wipe out the savings on the sale items. I did venture out to Hobby Lobby this weekend and picked up a skein of cranberry I wanted. I hadn't intended to stop but I was in the same mall and it was rather nice to be in a yarn store again. I used to go out a least monthly even if I didn't buy much but since COVID I can count the number of times I've been out without much effort. I've been ordering online.
  3. Horse Finger Puppet Cow Finger Puppet
  4. On to the cow Cow Finger Puppet I'm working on trying to turn that mug rug pattern I used for Halloween hot pads into something Thanksgiving themed. We will see what happens.
  5. Square Crow Garland Finished
  6. Square Crow Garland Finished
  7. I like the Love this Yarn its nice and soft. A cheap yarn I've fallen in love with but its a light worsted is Joann's Big Twist. They have a wide range of colors and it is nice and soft on the hands without the slippery feel of Caron Simply Soft. As I said a bit lighter weight than say Red Heart or Caron Pounders but great for most of the projects I've used it on recently. Can't beat the price either especially when it is on sale. Not sure what it would be like for an afghan but it has been great for my doll and toy projects. Square Crow Garland I finally finished it after shipping the boxes. They do make me smile, especially on a rainy day like today. Can you believe they are suggesting we could have snow before Halloween?? Really. We've had tropical temperatures for weeks now snow. Do you think we could have fall first!!!
  8. Mary Maxim is just as bad. When I can I try to hold out for their shipping deals. Since I've waited I usually have several items I've wanted. However, if it is something you want to start they have you. Herchnerrs is one of the few places I can still find the Bates Bamboo hooks and when they have shipping deals I've been known to stock pile some of the hooks that seem the house seems to eat now and again.
  9. I ran across this Christmas Crochet Along they are releasing directions to keep you coming back but they are free. Just FYI the directions are British Crochet. I'm looking forward to these they are adorable. RICORUMI CHRISTMAS CROCHET ALONG 2020
  10. It is a good question but the answer is also pretty straight forward how important is it to you that your project has the shape you want? Whether you are crocheting in rows for a blanket or in the round for a toy or other type of project maintaining the appropriate number of stitches helps create the look of the project you started out wanting to make. For me it sometimes depends on the project how often I check when the rows stay the same over a period of time but I do continue to check because it is really easy to add or lose stitches and you either continue with a project out of shape trying to make corrections or you pull out to the point where you added or dropped and honestly it is far easier to keep up the count.
  11. This was the last item for the Halloween box!!! I just finished the first item for the Thanksgiving box. I have to get DH to take a picture with his camera of the Square Crow Garland my phone just isn't able to capture all of them at once. I'll get there eventually. Mr. Pumpkin
  12. I love them all but I LOVE the gnome towels. I hadn't seen those!!!
  13. Sheep Finger Puppet
  14. Sheep Finger Puppet Starting to get the last of the birthday/Halloween stuff posted as I work on getting the Thanksgiving box ready to go. Have a Turkey in overalls and a Turkey dinner play food almost completed. Trading off on them to get both finished.
  15. The gloves look nice and warm and I love the colors and the texture of the blanket
  16. Halloween Pumpkin Mice
  17. Halloween Pumpkin Mice
  18. The Halloween box is finally leaving today!!!! Halloween pumpkin mice (although technically I only made one mouse it is the pattern title)
  19. They say the best time to replace if you know you limped through last season and you won't make another is summer. Many of them seem to be looking for the work then, especially if they don't also do AC work. I know we have a standing service appointment at the end of every summer where they come out to service the beast to prep it for winter because they are free and its before they are getting no heat calls as fall approaches and people start to turn the heat back on.
  20. The Ugly Duckling Swan
  21. The Ugly Duckling Swan
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