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  1. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gal
  2. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gal
  3. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gal to go along with Valentine Gent About half way through my Valentine Hot Pad then I guess it is back to doll donation and on to the St. Patrick's Day box.
  4. Yarn Sub here is a good place to start your search for substitutes.
  5. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gent
  6. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gent
  7. Congrats on Tampa Win!!! Starting to get some Valentine decorations made for myself. Lots to Love 8" Doll Valentine Gent
  8. Did you work it all in back loops? I ask because I've forgotten more than once.
  9. The assembly line sounds about right. Finish X project to this point then move to Y project and finish to next point and so on but it does help to reach my deadlines.
  10. I've been making acrylic yarn scrubbies for years and even DH can't believe how well they clean. The scrubby yarns irritate my hands and I ended up giving my supply away to my MIL and her sister. I use this pattern here although I saw an upgrade for sewing them together that makes sense that I'm going to try the next time I make one.
  11. Every year I go through a dishcloth phase. I replace the old ones along with the scrubbies. It's a great chance to clear my brain. It also is fun to learn new stitches as I use them no matter how weird they look when I'm done.
  12. This is so pretty. It makes me think of summer and warm days not like the freezing weather we are currently having. The texture is so amazing. The colors do blend so well through the changes.
  13. Good for you. I keep adding but I am targeting old stuff trying to make it go away. The key for me is targeting the stuff I am not likely to buy again as that is what truly decreases my stash. I know the yarn I use regularly on projects will be replaced as soon as I finish it off or if no longer available I look for a substitute. It's nice to know I'm actually using what I buy, but if I want to kill the stash I need to use up the yarns that are left over from other projects or bought with good intentions but never used.
  14. Our state prioritized felons first. My understanding is they are working on getting to nursing homes and assisted living. Then in Feb if you are over 75 they will think about vaccinating you but no promises.
  15. Bailey4

    Forest friends

    WOW!!! What a beautiful gift.
  16. I've been complaining constantly about shipping issues so it is time to share good news. Mailed Valentine package Wed was scheduled for Monday delivery. Got notification out for delivery today!!! This time it went through NH instead of CT or Springfield MA. New path better outcome!! Also, Treasured Heirlooms, an out of print pattern site has found a new server and is back online. I discovered this yesterday and much to my delight I was able to pick up a companion leaflet, Dress Up Baby Dolls, to the House of White Birches Holiday Dolls pattern that I've been using with the 8" dolls. This one has more day to day clothing that I can use for the donation dolls. I for one am glad to hear and share the positive stuff on occasion.
  17. First set of baby doll wipes done. 2 more to go Baby doll wipes
  18. Beautiful work. Smart to mail it as soon as you can. I sent a package to NY and for years it has always gone in one direction. Since the summer they've been finding all kinds of new routes to take. Today they are going out through Nashua, NH. Interesting to go North before heading to NY but what I know.
  19. Valentine Bears This was the last item that went in yesterday's box. Now I'm working on items for the baby doll diaper bags and my Valentine decorations. I'm determined to have some new ones for this year.
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