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  1. As I mentioned I chose a fairy tale theme for this birthday and I've always loved play sets. Jack and the Beanstalk
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk
  4. It's funny you should mention the heat we had very little air conditioning growing up and somehow we slept at night. I remember sometime in my elementary school years my parents getting one for their bedroom and by jr high I think we had one for our bedroom but I was in college before there was one downstairs. We used fans but we also spent lots of time outdoors. My parents had one of those outdoor summer tents set up on the patio that was under the trees and we spent lots of evenings out there reading, playing games, etc. by those old lights you used to string up. We did have fans but AC was minimally used even when we had it. It was primarily used to reduce the humidity it wasn't run constantly the way I use mine now. Now I can't sleep in May without the AC. I just have no tolerance for heat. I also have AC upstairs and down. My grandmother never had AC and never wanted it. She couldn't tolerate the cold of it as she got older but she was used to the heat and never got used to the AC. My grandparents on my Dad's side were like that too. They really didn't use much AC even once they finally had it as central in their homes. They just were used to fans and when they were older they couldn't tolerate the cold. That was one thing that always puzzled me when I went to nursing homes to visit families in previous summers. I always found them hot but I was told many of the residents can't tolerate the AC. I notice my MIL now goes everywhere with a sweater even when I'm sitting as close to an AC blower as I can get. So perhaps with age there is something I don't know. I was also laughing about your comment about the dishes. Growing up we never seemed to buy dishes or flat ware from the store. They always seemed to come from some promotion be it gas stations, green stamps, grocery stores, etc. There was always something going on to get a set of something including cooking pans. I remember how odd it was when DH and I got matching dishes as a wedding gift. The ones I had previously had been passed down from one of Mom's promotions and no there was rarely a complete set. Some how the promotion always ended before they got all the pieces they needed.
  5. I know but I do try to add on things I need and since I haven't been getting out to Joann's I've been having to order my eyes online and I'm going through more of them recently. Sadly I tend to stock up on what I last used rather than what I end up using next. So I was almost out of the small eyes so this will take care of that issue.
  6. I picked up eyes at Knit Picks. We often discuss where we find those hard to find little items. I have no idea what the quality is like but they pushed me over the top for free shipping and they had some sizes I can't get at Joann's along with colors like white with black dots that I've only ever seen sold as googly eyes. Just thought I'd mention it as I'd not thought to buy them there and while someone might have brought it up before I'd not remembered. Once I try them I'll let you know if there as good as the ones you can get locally.
  7. Mary Jo that is beautiful. There is an art house movie theater near my sister that still has that set up. It is always a treat to go there. Not sure how well they are doing or will do with COVID but it was always a favorite place of mine because of the atmosphere of the place.
  8. Well I must confess I mailed my July birthday package a week late. It was tough getting everything finished. I'm finally am finishing up one project I put off as a Christmas present as I didn't have a chance to finish it. I'm working on posting the projects I finished for the birthday box. Three Billy Goats Gruff Small Finally Finished the Set
  9. The cross stitch angel is adorable!!! Tampa Doll your baby projects are amazing. I'm in love with crochet t-shirts!! DH got me a couple for our anniversary and I am always looking to increase my supply.
  10. Three Billy Goats Gruff Small and Finished
  11. Three Billy Goats Gruff Small and Finished
  12. This might be something to post under free patterns.
  13. If you've been waiting to buy any of their now released kit patterns they are on sale through August 3rd for $.99. I'm still waiting for new ones to be released as I've stocked up on the ones I didn't have but for those of you who have been waiting ....
  14. Just a note if she decides she likes the patterns e-pattern central has copies of many of the bed doll patterns which call for an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll. The standard Barbie is technically 11 1/2 inches although they seem to be making multiple sizes now. You can find the dress patterns here. I'd suggest waiting for one of their sales as they have them constantly that bring the prices down to $2 or less. I've never made the bed doll patterns but I have made some of the other old Annie's fashion doll patterns for Barbie and for the most part I found they fit. Sometimes they needed a little adjustment for size as even when I was making them I found Barbies differ in versions in certain measurements. When I made clothes for my nieces I always tried to make sure I had the same model they were dressing so the clothes would fit. I just reread your post if you want the gown to fit, I'd suggest making sure the person making the doll has a doll to size the outfit on while she's making it. There is a great deal of work that goes into those gowns. The last thing you want is to not have it fit when it is done.
  15. What a shame I hate to see places go.
  16. Welcome to Crochetville from another MA crocheter. I saw your ami's you posted and they are adorable.
  17. Happy 4th it looks great.
  18. Three Billy Goats Gruff Medium Goat
  19. Three Billy Goats Gruff Medium Goat
  20. Mary Jo I think you have the right idea about going out into the stores to try them. I like buying US made stuff when we can. I found a brand of US made bath towels I love and knowing the brand I'd order again online, but if they discontinued I'd want to go back to the store to try them again before buying if that makes any sense. I find pillows to be even more challenging because I like a specific level of support and not every pillow does that.
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