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  1. Local newspaper explained why liquor stores are deemed essential businesses. It seems there is a concern that if closed people will seek alternate methods of obtaining alcohol from crossing state borders, which is a huge issue here now with people trying to come into the state to get to their summer homes already, bootlegging, and people getting creative with making their own. I still remembering reading stories from prohibition about the less successful outcomes. So, I guess there really were reasons for the designation.
  2. We finally figured out why the school buses are running in the area twice a day. My niece mentioned she had seen buses running and couldn't figure out why and then DH and I saw them and figured there had to be a reason. Turns out they are dropping food off twice a day for breakfast and lunch for kids under 18 to compensate for the loss of the school lunch program. City also sent notice out with phone numbers to let people know if they can't get out for food or meds who to contact. I thought that was good to do. While we are a City government we are more like what most people driving through here would think of as a town. We aren't a typical city sized place. It can be tough for people who end up needing something when they can't get out. Normally the churches and other civic groups step up in times of crisis but they are being told to stay home. So it is good to see the City offering people a place to contact if they get into trouble with necessities.
  3. I hope your sis sees improvements soon. Along with the fridge and the freezer there were metal shelves filled with canned, boxed, and paper goods. While it wasn't a large house I'd love to have parts of it for my house today. The basement had storage beni's. It stayed dry year round which was huge. While the pipes were lower than one would like, it had a significant amount of storage for a fairly small house.
  4. I can sympathizer. I found it much harder to help my niece homeschool using online distance learning with her kids at their home with me here than when I taught a traditional classroom full of 23-25 kids. It just is a different type of interaction with the kids. I also found I like to move when I teach and I found skype teaching was challenging for me as the connection I had in my house left me sitting for far longer than I was used to while I worked with her boys. They also had less freedom of movement than they'd have had normally as they needed to wear a headset for learning. There are some interesting learning projects going on around the area. My nephew's middle school had the kids choose classes that were being offered along with electives and my nephew seems to really being enjoying some of the offerings. The kids are even doing an online bookclub. This school already utilizes quite a bit of technology in their inclass learning so I suspect some of this is an extension of what is done in the classroom. The kids are used to accessing online assignments. Other schools systems are really struggling. There was an article in the paper today that one school system can't find a significant number of the Chrome books (laptops) they were counting on to use for home learning. They have no idea what happened to them and what they will do instead.
  5. I tend to lose this type I suspect because they are small but I have used them and Mary Jo is right the white rings turn the numbers. I generally get the big red Kacha counters because I find them harder to lose. I have several of them so I can use them on multiple projects. I've tried digital counters on my phone but it hasn't been helpful for me. I like the idea of something I can wear. I'd be less likely to lose it, have it fall into the couch, etc.
  6. Well I've never had a fridge that made ice so I guess you are talking about the part that makes the freezer cold? My parents had a huge freezer that looked like a fridge only larger for years and that baby held a remarkable amount of food. I remember having to defrost it in the summer and we'd have ice on the lawn and pretend it had snowed in the heat of the summer. I would think you could put it anywhere we just had a fridge upstairs and a fridge and freezer downstairs to store the amount of food a family with 8 kids would eat. We packed even the little freezers on the fridges with food. I've seen garage fridges in this area. I was never sure if they were required to be in the garage or if that was just where people had the space or access to them. Sometimes the basement isn't the easiest or driest place to put storage.
  7. Growing up with 8 kids we always had a full sized freezer in the basement and it was always as full as my parents could keep it. I just don't have room for a full sized freezer here and it is something if we every move to another house I'd really look to make sure we could have or as mentioned a deep freezer in the garage situation. We don't eat much in the way of canned but we do eat quite a bit of frozen veggies and fruits. It would be nice to be able to have a storage in times like this. Oddly DH was telling me they closed the butcher shop at the grocery store where they cut your meat to order but the fish market is still open. They are still selling prepackaged meat but you can't make special requests any longer. He has been eating more fish so he's been happy and I guess it is an advantage of living in New England we do have a supply closer to the coast. Some items we couldn't get from local suppliers reappeared this week, so I'm hopeful that trend continues. I am grateful it warmed up to the upper 50's and was sunny today. We actually opened up for a bit to get some fresh air into the house.
  8. I agree about the rain and the snow for that matter when it is cold like this rain is just annoying. Warm Spring rain has its challenges but this cold stuff is just miserable.
  9. They are fun to work on and they brighten up the kitchen.
  10. I liked the second attempt better than the first but I'm keeping the pair. Almost done with the first of the two I need to send. Bonnie Bunny
  11. MA has joined NY closing all but "essential" businesses. Take out, grocery stores, pharmacies, and various other items still open but those businesses that hadn't moved to work from home are now not having the option to stay open. We are expecting a snow storm so that should just make people even more joyful to manage.
  12. Robbie Rabbit This guy will be staying here as he wasn't quite what I wanted for the Easter package. I always can use a few Easter decorations.
  13. What a cutie. I read on another site that a library had encouraged patrons to put pictures of bears in their windows for kids to see when they were walking as they'd posted an activity for parents about the poem "Going on a Bear Hunt" and it gave the kids something safe to do while social distancing in their neighborhoods. People have put up colored pictures and stuffed bears. I thought it was a cute idea. Nothing like that being posted locally here but I did put some crocheted bunnies in my window as we have an exceptionally large number of families out with kids walking when the weather has been warm enough. I haven't seen this many people out walking with the exception of Halloween. Nobody is stopping to chat with each other, all practicing social distancing but I suspect the kids need to get out and the parents are happy to get them some fresh air with the hope it helps them nap. I changed the garden flags in front to the Easter ones. I hope it gives the kids something fun to see.
  14. Cold but sunny today and it just feels better when the sun is shining. We are looking at snow later on in the week. I guess we won't need to worry about a snow emergency. Put the St. Patrick's Day decorations away yesterday and started putting out the Easter stuff. Hoping to make some progress on Easter projects today.
  15. Flashback Friday Easter 2019 Projects
  16. Flash Back Friday Easter 2019 Projects
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