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  1. Working my way through some of Darski's 18" Doll Patterns My Life Chef
  2. My Life Dovetailed This is one of Darski's
  3. It's good to hear people getting outside again to do things like pumpkin patch visits. Just took down the outside Halloween decorations I'd been slowly putting out as safety precaution as we are supposed to be getting a Noreaster coming in tomorrow with high winds. I just got some cute gnome yard signs in today so I put them out to see where they'll go after the storm is over and then brought everything into the garage for safe keeping. At least we aren't supposed to get snow before Halloween this year. I'm still hoping we don't get rain. Right now the phone weather app says 40%
  4. Revisiting some patterns I haven't made in a while. My Life Sailor Dress
  5. Mary Jo beautiful picture with the family. Great to see you got a chance to gather together!! We are getting back to real fall weather. Actually had the heat on yesterday.
  6. Hope you have a great party. Back up to mid 70's today. Odd fall weather. I was really looking forward to autumn before winter weather.
  7. from Massachusetts!!!
  8. They are all beautiful but the forest scene is my favorite.
  9. from Massachusetts!!!
  10. My Life Cobblestones Sweater Dress
  11. This met 2 of my crochet goals working through patterns I've acquired and never made and using up stash yarn!!! My Life Cobblestones Sweater Dress
  12. Had a few days of delightful fall weather back up to 70's today. Weirdness of New England.
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