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  1. My hair feels so much better. It's not like anything fancy can be done with it but it is so thick that trying to self trim isn't as effective as I'd hoped when I previously tried before the hair dressing ban ended.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm both looking forward to and a little nervous about tomorrow. It's good to hear that it went well for someone else.
  3. The humidity is crazy. Temps will be dropping this weekend but I told DH the window AC's have to go in this weekend because it isn't the heat it is the humidity that is brutal. My clothes are all sticking to me and I'm not a happy camper. DH's happy because NASCAR and golf are back at least so he has something to look forward to in the sports world.
  4. I hope you find your bike soon. I've been exercising more and am hoping at some point to seriously think about getting back into bike riding and using the local bike trails. It's been great as the weather got warmer in March to see all the families getting out with various types of transportation every day from bikes, to wagons, to scooters, trikes, etc. It's good to be in an area where they can get out to ride.
  5. Bailey4


    I agree with Granny Square I learned to make the oval before the magic circle so it seems more natural to me but it is easy to understand why it confuses people. The oval is formed on both sides of the chain which is unusual for crochet. Instead of working in the round with a circle or back and forth you work both sides of the chain to form an oval sort of shape to make your pattern. I did check the math just to make sense because every so often some of the patterns are off. The math works. If you chain 72 and work 70 dc that leaves you with one stitch at the end. Into that stitch you will make 3 dc into one stitch that increases your stitch count and turns you on to the other side or what some call the back side of the chain. You will then work down the back side of the chain completing 69 chains. In the last chain you will add 2 dc completing your first round of the oval. You will likely want to mark your rows with some kind of stitch marker.
  6. 18 Inch Doll Cable Loop Sweater with Skirt
  7. 18 inch Doll Cable Loop Sweater and Skirt
  8. Have you finished any of the squares? It might be easier to find something if we know what we are looking for.
  9. Sadly what the original OP fails to realize is that she isn't understanding why people are feeling this way and calling them stupid or morons as others do is pointless. There are reasons why people don't believe the statement that you are wearing a mask to protect grandma. One perhaps is that the state killed grandma while worrying about kids playing in playgrounds or people walking on beaches. They completely dropped the ball on protecting the most vulnerable in the population. While people keep preaching that wearing a mask saves grandma and the sick child, the grandmas and grandpas are dying in mass numbers despite my good mask behavior because they aren't dying because I went outside without a mask, the numbers are huge because the government dropped the ball on preparing those who work with the most vulnerable in our society on how to protect them and how to know when they had become compromised and thus no longer safe to work with the elderly or medically vulnerable. I stupidly assumed (and yes I mean what that word is often used for) that when this state bragged about its great testing rates it meant they were testing in places that worked with our most vulnerable populations. Not so much after all. We had a massive outbreak at a Veteran's home. One would think that would be a wake up call no we are still focused on those bad evil beach people. A family member works at a residential school. Those students can't go home when regular schools are closed so they stay in the residential programs. One student tested positive. Logic would indicate the population of teachers and students would automatically be tested. Not so much. Took two weeks before a test could be given. During those 2 weeks everyone was quarantined and thankfully my relative while positive was asymptomatic. However, if those students and staff aren't being screened frequently how many people are asymptomatic and spreading the disease within an area of students who are vulnerable to infection? Oh but wait for more important to bully healthy people who might be outside on the playground. Send out the cops now. We wouldn't want kids to get fresh air now would we. As for those kids in residential schools well we already spent the money to have the cops hound the healthy kids. Who has the money to test the vulnerable? So you will excuse me if I'm not buying the argument that we are doing this for the sick and the elderly. We aren't. We could be doing so much to protect the most vulnerable in our communities that has nothing to do with harassing the healthy playing in public recreation areas because their kids are not healthy being stuck indoors all day. As for the flu vaccine I tried it and it had violent interactions with my meds twice. Never again. If you think I'm socially irresponsible don't care. I'm not risking dying because you feel better if I get the flu shot. That being said I believe I'm current on most vaccines. I'm by no means an anti-vaccine person. I just don't believe in taking something that makes me sicker than the actual disease I am at risk for having. I had the flu after Christmas year. Sucked and I socially distanced from everyone and I moved on. Oddly enough this was one of the WORST years for the flu and we didn't shut down the economy. We didn't shut down schools even though so far statistically children are more likely to die from the flu than they are from COVID. As for masks again it all depends on the type of mask and if people are wearing them appropriately. This state requires facial coverings. In the beginning when it was cooler that evil younger generation as so many of you like to refer to them came out in Halloween masks to protest the order. It was hilarious but petered out as the heat made the masks incredibly uncomfortable to wear. However, as Dr. Faucci said yesterday masks are really more symbolic than effective. So masks are becoming more symbolic. Landscaping has returned to our state and it is hot. What I've noticed is the cowboy bandanas which many of them wore prior to COVID. Now my understanding having read the "literature" on mask making is that bandana material is the least effective material for preventing COVID spread and that is when you fold it into multiple layers. These people are wearing what I call cowboy style because it is a single layer tied loosely around the mouth and nose with an opening on the bottom to let air in but prevent dust and dirt from hitting their faces. Technically this covers the state requirement for facial covering. So they've done their part to meet state guidelines. Now if they stay 6ft apart I don't see any harm or foul. However, do you think the "mask" really is preventing COVID or as Faucci says is it more a symbol of doing our part. If the are getting up close with clients thinking they are masked up this is likely one of those instances where people have that false sense of security.
  10. We have to pass the temp check to see if we can get in to qualify for haircuts tomorrow. We got a whole pdf on procedure. Don't blame them their licence is at stake so customers have to be willing to comply or they are done for good. They will text you to come in from your car and in this state they are requiring both clients and hair dressers to remain masked. I've seen pictures of people cutting around mask lifting it up with gloves to get around ears. Where I go they are limiting it to 2 hair dressers working at a time each using separate entrances/exits so clients don't meet. Only one client per hair dresser at a time but minors can be accompanied by one masked adult who must social distance. No hair washing you must come having prepped hair. The list goes on but it is very detailed. I'm hoping with clients able to line up so to speak in the parking lot waiting in their cars instead of the waiting room this will allow them to see enough clients to stay in business. Not sure when this allows them to get back to the more complicated work that brings in more money than my simple monthly cuts and likely pays most of the bills. Still this is a start and if it works I am hopeful they can keep their business going.
  11. Masks have to be worn correctly for them to work or they are no better than staying apart 6ft. My experience is not everyone is wearing them correctly therefore no they aren't blocking droplets. That is science. How the masks are made, material, how much of nose and mouth covered, etc. determines how much is actually blocked. Again science. Not all masks are that effective. Grandma and child at risk is about taking care of Grandma and child like one assumes you do during the flu season and other contagious diseases. You social distance as much as possible. People who are over confident because they are wearing a mask and fail to take precautions are far more likely to infect dear old Grandma or the sick child than those who realize a mask is no protection for Grandma or dear child and are don't think a mask is a super power that will keep Grandma and child safe. They realize that they have to be more careful than the average person about becoming exposed because they have people in their life who are less likely to survive the disease. The mask is not going to be able to save Grandma. There are all kinds of precautions people are taking who live with high risk people and masks are not the super pill to save Grandma. Science To be clear that doesn't mean people with Grandma's and sick kids shouldn't wear masks, but to be clear masks won't save them and people who fail to understand that risk killing them. That is reality. It is about not getting up close and personal. Masks can help when that can be avoided but only when people wear them correctly. One of the challenges in this state now that everyone is forced to mask up is that everyone seems to think the mask protects them from COVID and therefore they don't need to social distance anymore. Therefore in many respects masks have made people act in more risky manners which puts Grandma and that sick child at even more risk.
  12. You of all people know I wear my mask.😇 I can understand the fear and the concern. It is real. The challenge is finding a balance so we don't kill people from the virus and we don't kill people because they aren't getting other medical needs met and from all the consequences that come when families don't have incomes and they don't get any separation from each other. Those can lead to deadly outcomes that nobody wants. It isn't an either or situation. The situation with masks is again one that remains to be seen. After I posted I made one of my weekly trips out and saw just how over confident people are despite the fact they aren't using the masks appropriately, pulling them down to speak, touching their faces and eyes to adjust mask and then not washing hands, then touching other surfaces. Taking them off laying them on an unclean surface then picking them up and putting them back on. (Can't keep track are surfaces carriers or not today?) The over confidence comes because they think because they are wearing a mask that they don't need to worry about touching other people, surfaces, etc. After all if you wear a mask you're good right???? I said in my first post good hygiene is a practical life skill and it isn't just a COVID thing it prevents lots of other diseases as well. It is not asking people to do anything that most were trained to handle as children. They've been some really interesting innovations in cleaning techniques for industrial, retail, and educational areas that could prove to be extremely helpful and practical to add to regular cleaning that don't add outrageous expenses or time burdens to again increase the prevention of lots of diseases. I will say now that we have masks post COVID if I have a suspicion of bronchitis, or other cough related disease I would be more likely to wear a mask when I had to be out. In the past the nurse would give me a disposable one wear one at the office to wear until I was seen but I would have had no idea where to buy one. So I"m not anti-mask in general. I just don't see that masking up the population indefinitely as being a practical solution to this problem. Based on my experience watching how people are complying with the law, wearing the masks but not appropriately, I think we are giving people a false sense of security about the protection they are providing their neighbors. If its hanging around the neck it isn't protecting anyone. This is what I'm seeing out there.
  13. See this is why I don't generally engage in these discussions because it all boils down to if you cared you would do..... It never matters what the topic is, what the science is, what the challenge is it is all an emotional argument. As I said in my post we don't actually know and won't know until this thing is over what was effective. There is lots of hysteria at work. As for science. What science? I've watched and read tons of stuff and nobody can seem to agree on anything. Sorry just because it is PBS doesn't mean they have the answers. Nobody really knows the science right now. Anyone who claims they know isn't being truthful because they are still at the research stage. There is so much they don't understand that they are guessing and sadly they are getting lots of things wrong about this virus. We shut down a whole country and despite what we said we knew about this virus we let the most vulnerable die from it. We shut down the entire country and destroyed thousands of lives and we didn't protect the people that we knew from the very beginning this disease was most likely going to kill. That bit of science hasn't changed. We always knew the elderly were the most at risk and we failed that population while we worried about people being on the sand and not in the water at the beach. We argued over whether you could get a hair cut while we almost wiped out a Veteran's home in this state. Yes, the science guys sure had that one right worrying about people being outside when they weren't paying attention to people who couldn't ever get out and about on their own. Yep trust the science folks. As for masks how long are people expected to wear them? Again nobody seems to know. How does all of this work as the heat and humidity hits this summer? Breathing issues in this part of the world tend to get worse in the Spring and Summer, with reduced medical care want to wonder what constant wearing of masks does to people with breathing problems? No they aren't exempt. You have to be under the age of 2 in this state. It isn't about caring about your family that is what people always do to get others to comply to community pressure. If you really want people to do something the medical community needs to stop issuing conflicting information about this virus. Again Faucci came out with another conflicting statement about how effective mask use really is and that wasn't helpful to get people to wear them. If you want people to wear masks the so called experts need to stop claiming they have the truth on a subject and then change their mind based on how they felt when they woke up that morning.
  14. It all depends on where you are sitting how you feel about this shut down. I am VERY blessed. My DH can work from home and therefore our income is secure. So while the shutdown has been annoying and the rules contradictory and stupid at times, we still have our primary source of income coming into our homes. That is a point of COVID privilege if you will. For those of you who are retired and lived off of retirement income prior to COVID and at a higher risk you also have I suspect still have retirment income coming in regardless of how stupid or contradictory the rules become. It can be annoying and frustrating, but again livable. There are parts of the population for which this is not merely annoying. The lack of income is leading to financial challenges that create problems equal and worse than COVID. People have lost everything. Small business owners who worked and put their life savings into building a business to support their families and their workers are gone. They don't have the money to come back from this. If you don't know any of them, reach out to your local business community and ask. Everyone knows someone who is close to the edge or is gone. Even workers who had emergency funds that would last 30-60 days are now tapped out. Not all of them have been able to get into the unemployment system. If you don't know any of them ask around. Our system in this state is overloaded and sadly crashes on people. There is frustration and anger because it isn't a matter of skipping a couple of pay checks and taking a crappy job until they can find something better. Until these states open there aren't any jobs to be had. If you don't think this isn't leading to huge physical issues in our society than do some research. This isn't about fake news. It is logical. Put people under severe financial and emotional stress and remove the places that people turn to to get help when those stressors hit and don't be surprised when the numbers for non-COVID problems start rising. Not fake news but common sense. Children have been out of school and day care since the end of Feb so even for those who are allowed to work who have children it is extremely challenging, especially for single parent families. For those with children with no income the stress becomes even greater since it isn't a matter of going to look for a job when the government has shut down the opportunity for you to seek alternate employment for you to feed your family. The rules and regulations to apply for assistance are again often contradictory and unclear, especially for people who have never had any contact with these programs. This is not a matter of people sucking it up it is people being frustrated that they are not being allowed to work and feed their families. I can't speak for other areas but we are just starting to open basic medical services for non-emergency and non-COVID related medical issues. Regular screenings for major health related issues have been delayed since the end of Feb. How many of those people have died or will die due to not being identified and treated. Are they not important too? The challenge now is doctors and nurses have been laid off so how much more delay for people who waited out COVID to get the services they need because nobody could leave the house to see a doctor during COVID? I know my regular screenings were moved from March to August. I hope my results are good because that is a significant delay in putting treatment plans in place especially considering they need to rehire doctors and nurses to do the care. Even when I get screened in August no guarantee I'll be able to see any specialists I need right away. What about people who got pushed even further out? It will be decades before anyone truly understands how deadly this disease truly is and if any of the decisions we made really made any difference. Good hygienic practices are always a plus for living life so I would think that encouraging people to practice it even without the threat of COVID only improves the health of society as a whole when you consider the number of diseases that are passed as a result of bad hygiene. If you wonder why people are skeptical, it has much to do with the way people have communicated about this disease. I have often said it is like listening to doctors sitting around a table throwing out ideas on how to manage a patient. This is not the same way they then go and speak to the patient's family about what should be done. However, that free flow of ideas sometimes comes up with an idea someone didn't think about until all ideas are present. Then they decide and go to the patient and family with a plan. The way the communication on this virus has been handled has been more like that table discussion than professional communication. I'd honestly have more respect if they said we don't know.... We are researching it, you can try it but we don't know. This back and forth on masks are needed, not needed and well not as helpful as we thought. 6ft good no wait 12 ft, no 4ft, ok 6ft. This is all that doctors at a table stuff that if they kept it at a table wouldn't be bad. This is not a communication strategy and it is no wonder people fail to trust in it. Why would you believe people that talk as if they know this to be true only to come back and act as if they've never said the other was true and now we are telling you this new rule is true without any evidence to demonstrate b is any more true than a. It is also not helpful that the politicians yelling at everyone to follow the rules time and time again get caught not following they rules the demand everyone else follow. If they don't think it is important enough to do why would they expect the public will believe the rules are important? One of my issues with masks is they give people a false sense of security. Prior to masks people were social distancing in public places more. Now people wearing masks often feel they have super hero protections and squeeze up next to people just as they were before. They get into people's faces just as they were before because after all I'm protected I have a mask. Let's not even get into the number of people who don't wear them correctly, pull them down to talk and eat, constantly touch and adjust them making the preventive measures all but pointless for protection. Then we get into the harm that we will eventually discover from those who are not cleaning the masks and what comes from breathing in the crap that accumulates on dirty masks or masks stored in less than hygienic places. Masks are not the miracle people are making them and like most things we will come to deal with the problems that come from masks. Before anyone screams this state requires masks in public and we comply.
  15. Our Generation Sock Yarn Skirt and Top
  16. Our Generation Sock Yarn Skirt and Top
  17. What to do with a box of sample sock yarn when you don't make socks Our Generation Sock Yarn Skirt and Top
  18. Our Generation Neon Dress, Hat, and Purse
  19. Our Generation Neon Dress, Hat, and Purse
  20. Denise hope your Dad is finally on the road to recovery. This next project is part of my journey to attack my orphan yarns. Our Generation Neon Dress, Hat, and Purse
  21. Our Generation Elizabeth Skirt and Summer Jacket
  22. Our Generation Elizabeth Skirt and Summer Jacket
  23. Our Generation Elizabeth Skirt and Summer Jacket Lately my clothes have been running to the large size. I was sure this would fit the My Life Doll and I'd have to make it larger for the Our Generation, but not the case. It was boxy on the My Life doll but I liked the fit on the Our Generation doll.
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