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  1. I have another addition to the Valentine box I mentioned I'd sent out. Today is the baby doll's dress. I started with Halloween so I have a few more holiday outfits to complete before she has a holiday dress for her doll for all the major holidays. Be Mine Valentine Outfit
  2. I like all of them, especially the colors. They will be a cheerful addition to any room.
  3. Be Mine Valentine Baby Doll Outfit
  4. Be Mine Valentine Baby Doll Outfit
  5. Be Mine Valentine Baby Doll Outfit
  6. I was just pricing cloth tablecloths on line, just basic cloth vs vinyl and I was surprised that the prices were considerably higher than they were about a decade ago the last time I bought them. I've made a couple of embroidered tablecloths and those tablecloths are not the greatest quality preprinted and those kits are expensive. The crocheted lace tablecloths I've seen are heirlooms made by family for family and passed down. You might want to research patterns and see how much thread you are looking at and then get an idea of what it will cost you just for the supplies alone. This is a HUGE undertaking. Realistically even if they were willing to have a thicker tablecloth it can't be acrylic yarn because you can't risk someone putting something hot on it and having it melt. So it's going to have to be cotton or something else that won't melt? I'm not sure if this was a commissioned project or a gift request but it is a huge request either way. My experience is that people asking don't always understand what they are asking. I had a request over Christmas that I turned down because the person asking had no clue that it wasn't a "simple" request. In that person's mind it seemed easy enough because I'd made other items however this one was not something I'd have enjoyed making and I said no.
  7. Sorry the sparkly yarn not working out but I like the colors together.
  8. Annie's $1.99 Shipping no minimum tonight only good until 6AM Sat monring Code: NITEOWL (all one word)
  9. Doll Blanket These have become my travel project this year. Any time I have to go some place and wait I have a doll blanket in my bag to work on and it helps me relax. I have a basket weave one in there now. No idea when it will be finished but it is there when I need a waiting for someone else project.
  10. I'm considering a green blend to use up misc green skeins I have. We will see when I get there what I find as I did into the stash. I'm determined to attack it this year.
  11. Doll Carrier The first one is done for the year!!! It will be a little while before I attack number 2 as these are nasty to my hands, but it will get done.
  12. I made a promise to myself I wouldn't neglect the baby dolls and panic at the end when they needed clothes. This also helped use up some of that orphan yarn that keeps accumulating in my spare bedroom. Baby Doll Sundress with hat
  13. That's too weird I just finished up over the weekend!!! I loved that series but never had the chance to watch it end to end.
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