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  1. I love aqua exercise. We sadly get to the pool in the next town about once a week. I'd love for it to be more but the evening and weekend hours are highly competitive with all the local swim teams. Have you ever tried water running? There are lots of great toning exercises for the water too if you want to branch out beyond swimming. We are fortunate to have a deep water dive well that is also used for exercise. It is wonderful for running and other types of exercise. They don't allow lap swimming in the dive well it is just for exercise when not in use by the dive teams or scuba. You can do water running in any pool and many of the other exercises as well. I suspect there are videos online if you decide you are interested.
  2. Baby Doll Sunset Dress
  3. Baby Doll Sunset Dress
  4. Baby Doll Sunset Dress Nothing like working with color during the dark days of winter.
  5. Bailey4

    Chihuahus Pups

    These are adorable. How did you like the patterns? The dog patterns intrigued me.
  6. https://crscrafts.com/nose-animal-12mm-black-pkg-8.html
  7. Thanks for the reminder!!! I saw this in the other thread when you were looking for them and meant to bookmark the site as I needed the pink and red noses and can't get them locally. Ordered them today!!!
  8. The simple things that make life so much easier.
  9. I found this one here. The same woman has a book on Amazon with larger sized cushion patterns. Supersize Crochet
  10. Heart Potholder I love holiday themed kitchen items potholder, dishcloths, towels, etc. It gives my kitchen a holiday look with stuff I actually use. This is more of a hot pad but is good for setting a hot dish on in the kitchen or my kitchen table.
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