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  1. Well done Mary Jo!!! I finished one box of stuff last night just waiting on a delayed book that made it all the way from Barnes & Noble in TN to MA on Sunday and has since been touring Western MA. It arrived back in town this morning so I'm hopeful it arrives today so I can get this box mailed. I'm working on dinos for a second box to go out but I don't need as much stuff for that and Amazon lost a book for that shipment. This is on me. I normally have this stuff ordered and in house by Oct but I got behind. Gives me an excuse to keep on working on the stuff. I was hoping to sneak a couple of gift card holders in but my hands are starting to weaken. They were stiff after making the ami's last night and I don't think the dino's will be helping. I keep telling myself the gift card holders are flat and don't require small hooks, but we will see what I can get finished.
  2. American Girl Mrs. Claus
  3. American Girl Mrs. Claus
  4. American Girl Mrs. Claus
  5. One of the things that was fun about the donation project this year was I got out of my comfort zone and tried some patterns that have been on my to do list for years and never actually done until now. I've made a version of Mrs. Claus cobbled together from other patterns but I'd never completed this pattern for her. American Girl Mrs. Claus
  6. This is one of my favorites of Darski's patterns to make. She has many beautiful ones that are well beyond my talents but this one always seems to make it into the donation. American Girl Dovetailed
  7. What a cutie. I love the idea of using him to hold the gift card.
  8. Still catching up on posting items from the donation American Girl Rain Coat
  9. I just wanted to thank all of you who have sent stuff for the Aztec Wishes doll donation. DH and I delivered the items to the High School this morning and it was well received. I was told someone who dropped off a doll without any "extras" was told not to worry because stuff was on the way. You ladies always come through. With all your amazing talents no doll with leave without a blankie and we have dressed quite a few others. Thank you again so much for all your hard work. You've made the high school kids feel their efforts are a success and the more little ones will have well dressed dolls to play with this Christmas morning.
  10. The doll donation is finished for the year and headed out the door tomorrow, but I'm still scrambling to finish the Christmas box I need to mail. These are the ornaments for this year's box. Koala Ornaments
  11. Those calendars are so cool and I hope you take a picture and post it.
  12. Still scrambling to finish gifts. I finished a Christmas baby bib and a Little Red RIding Hood Ami yesterday. I started Grandma watching TV last night. I'm still working on the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe. The Shoe is finally finished as of yesterday. I have to make the characters to live in it. However today we have the baby doll's Christmas outfit. Santa Baby
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