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  1. The doll donation is finished for the year and headed out the door tomorrow, but I'm still scrambling to finish the Christmas box I need to mail. These are the ornaments for this year's box. Koala Ornaments
  2. Those calendars are so cool and I hope you take a picture and post it.
  3. Still scrambling to finish gifts. I finished a Christmas baby bib and a Little Red RIding Hood Ami yesterday. I started Grandma watching TV last night. I'm still working on the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe. The Shoe is finally finished as of yesterday. I have to make the characters to live in it. However today we have the baby doll's Christmas outfit. Santa Baby
  4. How appropriate for our snowy conditions today. This was the beginning of a snow family I made for family. It took me a while to get caught up with pictures and posting this year. Snow Girl
  5. Ariel's Dinner with Eric Dress
  6. Ariel's Dinner With Eric Dress
  7. If the weather cooperates drop off is supposed to be this Friday. Still working on baby doll stuff but done with the 18 inch for this year. Still posting items I finished. Ariel's Dinner with Eric
  8. I make crochet food for family kids and to donate and there are tons of play food patterns out there. If you make it with crochet cotton and sew two together you'll have a hot pad. Single layer of cotton and you have your dishcloth. You can add rows if the pattern is smaller than you want. There are all kinds of breakfast recipes. I've got whole books of play food items because I make them quite regularly. Tasty Crochet is my favorite of the food books if you can find it in your library it is a fun play food reference. This pancake one might also be of use here It's a free one and has syrup. This one is already a dishcloth and on crochetville here Good luck
  9. American Girl Bathrobe
  10. American Girl Bathrobe
  11. Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did actually get some work done on some Christmas gifts while spending time with family yesterday. The deadlines are creeping up fast. I'm still hoping I can get a couple more baby doll outfits finished before the donation needs to be dropped off, too. If not they will get rolled into next year's donation. American Girl Bathrobe
  12. I used to buy quite a bit from Knitting Warehouse but their shipping prices went up dramatically and I stopped buying from them. I liked them because they had a great selection of stuff I couldn't always get online at JoAnn's and they were the first place I went when I was starting a project and I needed yarn I couldn't get locally. However, their shipping has made me seek alternatives like Knit PIcks who often have shipping deals and fairly reasonable prices on the lighter weight yarns I can't get locally. They aren't a great alternative for my acrylic needs and Joann doesn't fill that need the way the used to either.
  13. American Girl Let the Sun Shine In
  14. American Girl Let the Sun Shine In
  15. I'm actually done making 18 inch clothes for the year but catching up on posting them. I'm scrambling to add more baby doll clothes before dropping off the first Friday in December. American Girl Let the Sun Shine In
  16. Technically there are no yarn stores in town. Wal-Mart is closest being the next town over. Everything else is a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic but it's always been that way. I have never expected to have a yarn store in my back yard. However losing the best to a chain that barely sells yarn smarts. AC Moore wasn't the closest but it had the best selection and prices. I've been buying online for years especially for the lighter weight yarns. Sadly I noticed the last trip I was there AC Moore was carrying more light weight yarns that I'd previously had to order online. I was thrilled as the prices were good, no shipping, and no waiting to start a project. Michael's has been useless for yarn. I get a better selection at Wal-Mart which isn't saying much. One Joann's has a decent yarn selection but the prices tend to be the highest in the area unless you only buy the sales. The other has almost no yarn mostly fabric.
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