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  1. Welcome to Crochetville from another MA crocheter. I saw your ami's you posted and they are adorable.
  2. Three Billy Goats Gruff Medium Goat
  3. Three Billy Goats Gruff Medium Goat
  4. Mary Jo I think you have the right idea about going out into the stores to try them. I like buying US made stuff when we can. I found a brand of US made bath towels I love and knowing the brand I'd order again online, but if they discontinued I'd want to go back to the store to try them again before buying if that makes any sense. I find pillows to be even more challenging because I like a specific level of support and not every pillow does that.
  5. Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll
  6. Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll
  7. I'm moving along with my Three Billy Goats Gruff project. The troll was a big project but I learned some new techniques that I'd try again. Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll
  8. Cindy they are both pretty but there is something about the striped one that makes me smile.
  9. Yeah looks like them. I'm wondering if anyone knows who designed them. Sometimes people come off Etsy but sell patterns in other places or will go back to Etsy later but it helps to know who designed it. I'm also open if someone knows of something similiar even if it was published in something old and out of date I've been know to hunt down old magazines. I'm just looking for something that works for the book theme presents I'm going with and that style of set works. I'm not crazy about the ones in the books I have at the moment. I know I saw this set or one like it and thought it was on my to buy list but I can't find it.
  10. How firm do you like your pillows? After all the commercials we looked at them about a year ago when we were replacing our pillows. They had them at Bed Bath and Beyond and we like firm pillows and we found they were a bit squishy. Then again I like a really firm pillow so that gives you an opinion based on someone who needs head and neck support. The pillows we ended up buying weren't cheap but they are really firm and they are still so after a year.
  11. I'm looking for a pattern that has Hansel, Gretel, the Witch, and the Gingerbread House that isn't in Once Upon a Time in Crochet Crochet Stories From Grimm's Fairy Tales Amigurumi Fairy Tales I have all 3 books and the pattern I'm looking for isn't in any of them Gretel looks like she's wearing a poncho, and green skirt, Hansel has brown pants, white shirt both have orange hair The witch is dressed in black and her hair has split yarn I could probably recreate the characters and maybe even build a house from other gingerbread and house patterns I have but if anyone knows if this pattern is still out there to purchase or something that is an alternative to what is in these books I'm interested in finding a set to go with the story. I've tried Etsy and Ravelry but oddly Hansel and Gretel isn't that much of a thing except in vintage dolls and puppets. Thanks
  12. Three Billy Goats Gruff Large Goat
  13. Three Billy Goats Gruff Large Goat
  14. Working on a Three Billy Goats Gruff play set to go with the book for a July bday for one of the younger relatives. Starting with... The Large Billy Goat
  15. FB can do some severe damage in families. Not on it due to DH's job but considering the problems it has caused over posts in our family I've been glad to use his job as an excuse not to be on it. Sure I miss out on being in on some stuff, but that I usually catch up on with someone informing me the old fashioned way. However, FB has started some HUGE wars in the family that just wouldn't have happened without the ease of digital posting. If I read the post right technically isn't she the girl's step mother thus if they have no or bad relationship it is clearly in bad taste I can't imagine it is illegal or am I wrong and she is a step Aunt? I was slightly confused. Either way I still doubt it is technically illegal to post but again bad taste but par for the course on FB and social media type sites. Wait until the girl gets married. I've been down that road with family as well where various family members get in flame wars on social media as to who has the right to "claim" relationships and discuss the wedding etc. It gets ugly. I hope for the mother and daughter they ignore the posting and focus on the amazing accomplishment. You can't change the poster but you can change how you react to her. She can spoil the moment for them or they can take her out of the moment by realizing she isn't really in it and putting her actions to the side and focusing on what is really important the accomplishment, the family who really did make this accomplishment possible by being their for the daughter this whole time. Don't let someone steal the joy.
  16. 18 Inch Doll Back to School 18 Inch Doll Girl About Town
  17. 18 Inch Doll Girl About Town 18 Inch Doll Back to School
  18. 18 Inch Doll Girl About Town This dug into an OLD stash of sport yarn
  19. My Mom used that too and there were missionaries regularly at church collecting so I always wondered why we couldn't just pack the stuff up and give it to them. Mom also was specific about not letting us pack up the veggies we most hated for can drives. When I was teaching Lima beans were the plants of choice to grow with our grade level I switched to green beans. I spent most of my childhood teaching the dogs to eat Lima beans I wasn't going to force kids to grow them.
  20. Along with getting rid of old yarn I've also been experimenting with patterns that have been around for a while that I never seem to quite get to making 18 Inch Doll Back to School
  21. I'm an idiot when you sent me the picture I didn't even connect the colors. She's beautiful.
  22. Cuddly Caterpillar
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