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  1. Trinidad, CO here. And how wild--my name is Marlena, just like you, Lakewood! Always a kick in the pants to find someone else with my name, esp since it happens so rarely!
  2. I have had mostly support from friends and family. However, classmates in nursing school made fun of me for it. Oh well, they just got left out when I made bath mitts and scrubbies for friends at Christmas. Not everyone is enlightened, I guess. Their loss!
  3. Interweave is tops in my book--esp the last two issues--they have been outstanding. Crochet today is second. I subscribe to both and just renewed.
  4. i find that taking breaks and using hot or cold packs helps with this.
  5. welcome!! i am a native of san antonio, currently displaced to colorado. glad you are here
  6. he says it is "used to set a spring on the beretta 92 fs" it is kinda cute:hug
  7. It is used as a tool for either a repair or to take a certain model apart--i will have to ask him again. kinda makes you wonder who came up with it first and how they got the idea to use that paticular hook--someone, somewhere got into his wife's hooks, i wonder how she felt about that....
  8. My husband is going to school to be a gunsmith, and on his list of required supplies is a "size 4 steel crochet hook"!! He asked me to go get him one, because he had no idea about how to find the right one, THEN he gave me other classmates' money and asked if I could pick up theirs as well! I just hope he doesn't lose it and go into my stash looking for a replacement!!!!
  9. Thanks, I haven't heard of that one yet. I have the first three in Maggie Sefton's series, but I haven't heard if she has any more. Debbie Macomber has some knitting novels too.
  10. A few weeks ago, I was at my nursing school clinical rotation at a hospice house. Each patient there recieves a handmade afghan upon arriving. I was so glad to see the gorgeous handwork from so many caring stitchers, and everyone should know that the families and patients really do appreciate them. One man was admitted to the hospice facility with no personal belongings and only wearing a hospital gown, and I thought "that is just no way to leave this world", but we went and got him one of the donated afghans, and just seeing him in the bed with the work of someone's love to comfort him in his last days seemed so much more appropriate. Keep on stitching everyone!!
  11. ok, so its not in the springs, but if you get a chance to hit walsenburg, visit edla's yarns--she and her shop are just lovely, and she has a great variety of yarns.
  12. my husband and i have just moved to trinidad, colorado, and i am always looking for yarn buddies and places to find more yarn...
  13. i just moved to trinidad and will be a student at tsjc, and i love to crochet and knit, and would love to find some yarn buddies(my husband finds my yarn habit a form of mental illness) anyone out there??? i'm 30, married, and have 2 cats:manyheart
  14. not the hook, but i did step on an embroidery needle once and it went about a half inch into my heel--strange enough, no blood ....
  15. i use a back pack for a purse. the small front pocket holds wallet, keys, etc. the middle holds hooks and notions, and the big section holds yarn! my husband now pushes the cart at the grocery store so i can crochet while we shop--is that sad? do i need a twelve step program yet?
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