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  1. Thank you for your kind words
  2. http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/146076-grannystripe-blanket/ - Finished item
  3. Excuse my daughter's toys in the photo! My finished granny square & stripe blanket
  4. Thank you all for taking time to comment I'll share a pic when it's finished completely!
  5. That was why I pulled it all back, I want it to be perfect simply because of the reason behind me making & giving it. I wasn't happy with how it was so it really was the only thing to do. I managed to rip it out & re-make it back to this length last night. I have a young child so don't often get a chunk of time to crochet - felt really good to have fixed it in an evening!
  6. I've ripped it all back. I think the issue was I had put a sc in one of the two corner ch's of each granny so effectively I added 2 sts to each granny? I really want happy with it given the reason I'm making it. I want it to be perfect for my aunt to take into hospital during her treatments. Lesson learnt!
  7. I had thought of blocking, but I'd have to stretch the grannys so much it looks very warped/skewed Yeah, each granny has 3 x TR (forming half of the corner), then 3 lots of 3DC and 3 x TR (half of the other corner before turning down the next side) so 15sts across the top of each granny, which is how I worked the number of DC. Because I have put the grannys together, then DC across the full length of the 7 joined grannys, can I remove the grannys but keep the DC rows intact? Because the DCs sit on the grannys would it undo the first row of DC?
  8. Can anyone advise what I can do to correct this please? I would really really LOVE not to have to pull the entire blanket back. I am gutted as this is for my aunt who is extremely sick I started with the granny squares, but as you can see, the grannys are shorter in length than my DC rows. The bottom of the grannys measures 38", the top row of DCs measures 42" Is there any way to fix/correct it without ripping it all out? I had thought I could unpick the grannys off the DC rows but since the DCs are sitting on top, then the DCs would unravel? Each granny is SCd to the next - could I
  9. Its squares for a blanket. I get The Art Of Crochet magazine delivered and each edition has a ball of wool and instructions to make a square which you set aside to make a blanket with once you collect them all. It comes with the yarn and 4mm hook. Each square needs to measure 13x13cm when finished so I'm adjusting each square's pattern to make 13x13 rather than trying to get the gauge as I've been trying to do these for months now and have nearly 30 editions if the mag but thus far, no squares as I've been so annoyed with the gauge! The blanket will be for me so not overly important t
  10. Thank you, I'll try it now. I've been infuriated by this one pattern asking for this gauge, for months and months!
  11. What would your advice be to correct this please? When I crochet a swatch to test my gauge, my sts are not tall enough, i.e. I need to make 17 DC and 8 rows per 10cm square, but my 8 rows are 9c m tall. I could use a bigger hook, however, my 17 sts are 10.5cm long so using a bigger hook to make the height correct will make the swatch to wide. This is really frustrating me
  12. I just used this last week for a blanket - it's such a great thing!
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