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  1. Good evening all. I am currently in the midst of finishing my second C2C afghan. However with this one I chose to do two colors and have stumbled upon an issue with attempting to make it even. I have completed 30 rows green, 7 rows of turqua, and 5 rows of green. I was hoping to decrease in the midst of the green row 3 and then repeat what I had already done to mirror and make it complete. Needless to say I cannot get it to come out right. The way I'm looking at it I will need to complete another 7 rows increasing and then decrease all with green for it to be even. I have been through mikeysmail tutorial, read the RH pattern, and cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make the stripes even on both sides and the same amount of green. Any help would be greatly appreciated especially since I'm planning on making more of these.
  2. Good afternoon. I am currently working on this pattern: http://www.crochetgeek.com/2008/07/blog-post_22.html My thought was to add long sleeves but I have finished the yolk portion and am not sure I can do this. Mentally I just pictured going round and round with double crochets until I liked the length but I am not sure this is doable. I know that those more experienced can look and let me know. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your help. I LOVE the vintage one but the size is not right for my little one. I believe I will pursue the Mon Petit Violon and see what catches my eye there. Thank you. I had done a Ravelry search but had missed seeing a few of those listed above. Again, thanks for your replies.
  4. Hello. I have been searching for a couple of weeks via internet and Ravelry with no luck for a toddler sweater dress pattern. I have found cardigans, summer type dresses but I'd like to make an actual sweater dress preferably with long sleeves. If you know of a free or one to purchase, please point me in the right direction. I have had no luck. Thanks, in advance, for the help.
  5. That is beautiful and I agree, please share where the patterns are from. I have not seen any of those before.
  6. Well, here it is. My 5th baby blanket that I had on my list to do. I thought after this I would be done but have such a heart for newborns, I've partnered with a local nonprofit to make some for them as well. Whew, I'll be until my fingers stop cooperating. I love the way this turned out. The blanket is found here http://capscrochet.webs.com/apps/blog/. I've done this pattern twice now and will continue to use it. I am trying to figure out how to make it a little "girly" so I could use it for a girl but not there yet.
  7. Beautiful. Love the color.
  8. Just started a new blog yesterday found here http://1440minutesoneday.blogspot.com
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