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  1. Thanks! I called my step-daughter and asked her to measure it. She says it is about 77" x 87".
  2. Thanks so much, RoseRed! I looked through lots of patterns before picking yours. My husband and I thought yours was really beautiful. I'm hoping this will become something that she will pass down to her children and tell them where it came from.
  3. When the afghan started getting big, I folded it into 4ths and crocheted along the edges turning the whole thing when I got to the end of an edge. So I would turn it clockwise (or maybe counterclockwise, I don't remember now) 4 times for each row. Does that make sense? Once I started doing that, it wasn't so unwieldy to manage. Thanks for the compliment!
  4. Thanks! I started the afghan the first of August, and finished it a few days before her wedding in mid-October. So I guess it took a little over 2 months working on it at night mostly after work. Many times I would get up early and do a row before getting ready to go to work. It felt really great when I did that last stitch and sewed in that last yarn end!
  5. Here is the diamond 'ghan that I made for a wedding present for my step-daughter. It is queen size......big ole mound of afghan on my lap while I was crocheting it! I used Bernat Super Value in natural. It took 8 skeins plus a little out of the 9th. A friend of hers gave her a brown bedspread, and I think this afghan looks nice on top of the bedspread with the brown showing through. I loved the pattern, and would like to thank RoseRed for the use of the pattern! The edging was #17 out of Edie Eckman's Crochet Borders book. I think it make a nice finish to the afghan. It has little diamonds in it, and went well with the rest of the afghan.
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