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    Lupus slows me down a bit, but not much. Being a grandma rocks!
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    Cooking, crocheting, and sewing.
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    Shawls and baby ghans.
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    Since 1968.
  1. I think it is this pattern. http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/patterns/bubbles_baby_blanket.php
  2. It is from "THE BEST OF TERRY KIMBROUGH BABY AFGHANS". It is in a couple other books, and you can buy it by itself on Mary Maxim (I think.)
  3. I made the Exquisite patttern by Kimbrough for my 8 year old grandddaughter. I used Simply Soft instead of sport weight and it was the perfect size. I did not like how the pattern has a huge hole at the tip of each pineapple, so I added a triple crochet on my last round. I found the pattern just challenging enough to not be boring. Granddaughter LOVED it and drug it everywhere. I know white was an odd choice, but perfect for "wedding gown" and princess play. ????
  4. That is beautiful. I am not sure what impresses me most, how quickly you achieved it or that you found the right colors (grin). I have made some graph ghans and given them for gifts...they were really loved. I love your ghan! Mine were made from graphs other crocheters shared and one that I painstakingly hand made. What program did you use to make the graph? It is gorgeous.
  5. I don't know what impresses me more, the afghan or the video! Terrific pattern. I made a square a while back, but I was never certain about one part... I will drag it out again soon, and if I find I still have problems, I will know who to run to for help.
  6. What an amazing friend you are. The poem and all...so sweet! An example to us all. (By the way, you are a speed demon with a hook.)
  7. I am so sorry that we have all built up your hopes for Knit Pick prices and items. I just checked the Knit Pick site and found that they do not ship overseas to where you live (unless you have a military pouch type of situation.) So sorry.
  8. I second the vote on Knit picks for your needles. They carry a great replacement guaruntee too. Now Knit Picks has their own ball winders, counters, stitch markers and stuff too for half the price that you find anywhere else! (So I disagree with the other post about Clover) This is new. Be forewarned though, Knit Picks needles are sharp. I LOVE that. It makes them fast. Some people, however, push the needle at the tip and find it hurts. If you have the wood ones you can lightly sand the tip. I personally don't push the tip. I occasionally guide the tip but that amount of pressure doesn't hurt. Because I can never make up my mind about the wood or the metal being the best, I have ended up with tons of both.
  9. WOW! I have done graph ghans and I appreciate your patience and the size! Beautiful.
  10. Wow, I am with your husband. That is very elegant. Buy your friend a toaster and keep that! Stitchinpick
  11. I am so glad you posted it. It is lovely -- I am glad you like the pattern. I am sorry I am so late noticing it. Great job. Stitchinpick Linda
  12. Beautiful job. I am glad to see that the pattern is still getting used! Thanks for posting it. Stitchinpick Linda
  13. Here is a great utube video of the magic loop
  14. I think you should get a looooong cord. That way, you can use the magic loop method and it will act as several different lengths. You could make a sleeve or an afghan on one. If you use a lot of worsted weight yarn, I would get mabe an 8. However, if you are going to felt with it, you will need a larger size. Really though, choose a pattern and yarn that you are going to make. Then get the needles. Consider it a start to you collection. By the time you finish your project, you will want to do more and will know more what you like.
  15. Last night we had 4 missionaries from our church over for dinner. They are all young men around 20 years old. One of them, from Canada, was wearing a crocheted pair of handmade fingerless mittens. Since I was in the kitchen serving up the food, I didn't get a chance to ask about them immediately. Before I could ask, someone asked everyone what they got for Christmas. He said a friend sent him those. He said he loved them because his hands had been getting cold. Even though I didn't make them, I was so pleased to see someone's hard work appreciated. Thought you would enjoy hearing that. Perhaps even one of you made them. Grin.
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