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  1. I don't use a color wheel or any online sites for color. Normally all I do is either go to my stash and start digging through, find one that catches my eye, then see what goes well with it. Or if I'm at a craft store, I wander until something catches my eye, then see what I can find that goes best with that. Sometimes though, you just need to grab a bunch of bright colors, throw them in a bag, and just randomly reach in and pull something out and add a row/round!
  2. I prefer evenings for crocheting, a couple hours or so before bed. I find it relaxing and it helps my brain to stop thinking about all the other random "stuff" in life. So....Horde or Alliance?? Horde here. Resto shammy, shadow priest.
  3. I'll confess...I kinda did the same thing with my first (and only so far) doily. I got down to the last couple rows and was almost out of thread, so I looked at the doily and said "i like it better without the picots rounds" and just left them off! (that was my excuse and I'm sticking to it).
  4. Red Heart Super Saver is a great yarn for afghans. It is stiff/scratchy to work with, but once you finish the ghan and wash it, it will soften up a ton. plus its durable. I've made afghans with several other brands of yarn (Caron simply soft, Bernat Satin, etc) which are great to work with, nice and soft, but they get fuzzy before I even have the blanket done. Plus not as many color choices as RHSS.
  5. Love the pictures! My hubby and I spent our Honeymoon in Arizona. We made a day trip up to the Grand Canyon. Talk about breathtaking. We were both speechless, and that's not an easy task for my hubby lol.
  6. If I'm reading it correctly, what it's telling you to do is to go into the SC where you pulled up the last loop from the previous stitch. So you are re-using the last sc from previous stitch as the first sc for next stitch.
  7. Its looking great and I know your Aunt will love it! Great job on figuring out where the issue was so you could fix it. I hope that your Aunt gets well fast.
  8. Check out Cherry Heart's blog. She recently posted a granny border. I just used it on a baby blanket and loved the pattern. Very easy to follow.
  9. I voted for scarf because it's something that could be finished in a short challenge timeframe, plus i dont know how much time I will have either haha.
  10. Gorgeous! It's a tough call, but I think I like the one on the left the best (more my colors ), but both are awesome.
  11. Im estimating around 60 hours of crocheting, slip stitching together, border, and tail weaving.
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm not a big fan of putting together blocks either. But for my best friend, I was able to force myself to do it.
  13. I made this blanket for my best friend. She's due April 23rd with her first baby, a girl!!
  14. Welcome to the 'ville, from one Michigander to another!
  15. Hello from one Michigander to another! I'm in lower part of Michigan as well.
  16. you will do one sc in what they consider the ch one sp from your original ch four. This leaves you with three ch left, which counts as your dc. At the top of the 'dc' you will put another sc.
  17. How long is the chain to begin with? I know one trick some people do is after doing the chain, they turn the work and do the first 'round' as a 'row' then join the ring and continue after that. The first tail from starting the chain can be used to sew up the small gap.
  18. Updated: Crazy Quilt Blocks (Yes it's not crochet)
  19. With Red Heart Super Saver, I usually use an I hook and rarely have issues with it splitting. This and Caron Pounders are great yarns to use for the blankets for animal shelters. These are great starter yarns for beginners, and great for advanced users as well. Cheap, sturdy, they hold up well to wear and tear even after many years of use. As RoseRed said, use cotton for anything that'll come in contact with high heat, such as pot holders and such. You do not want to burn yourself. While using a bigger hook can help make something bigger/looser, using a smaller hook than the yarn ca
  20. Please write up a pattern! I have several babies I need to make stuff for (one due April, two due June/July).
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