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    I am a mother of 4.
    I also blog about just about everything. Recently mostly about crafting and crocheting.
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    I sew every now and then. I love to crochet and knit,I craft and work with beads occasionally.
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    Toys and afghans
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    off and on since I was about 5. So around 1980
  1. Thank you Katie for my squares! I love them and they will find a great home in my ghan! I am so close to having enough I am getting all excited!
  2. I am learning how to crochet graphs. These are the hats I made for my boys this weekend. Not perfect but the boys LOVE them!
  3. Just when I thought it would be safe to look at an afghan and not feel the urge to buy yarn I go and look at this one. I am in LOVE with it now!
  4. http://thenotsowildlife.blogspot.com/2012/10/knit-baby-hat-tutorial.html
  5. I think you are the first person I have found that does not like white.
  6. Red and green. Unless of course it is Christmas time. Reds all seem to have so many shades and it is hard to match. And I just have never liked green. I do tend to stay away from black unless I have to, but that is just because it is harder to see what you are doing while working with it.
  7. AbbyNormal

    Pom Poms

    I never knew that my entire life! HA learn something new every day.
  8. I truly feel for you with the migraines! I have had so many over the past few weeks I am surprised I have gotten anything done at all. Ice packs and sleep are my best friends as of late. Off topic but that last part reminded me of how I feel like I have been talking like an old lady lately LOL I have been popping out words like "persnickity" and "by golly" or how about " I've got a hunkerin for some homemade biscuits" That made my daughter stop in her tracks and look at me odd. And going with the migraine thing, I told my friend the other day "a storm is a comin, my head is hurting like I may get a headache" low and behold a storm came and I got a migraine. At least I didn't say something about my knee/ elbow creaking. (which my knees do HA just not because of the weather. I swear I am only 37!!! not 87 ANYWAY.......feel better hon and happy crocheting everyone.
  9. Thank you everyone. I recently heard from her and she said she LOVES it! Makes my day
  10. AbbyNormal

    Pom Poms

    Do the pompom makers make the poms hold together better?
  11. I can tell by looking at it that it was made with chunky yarn and knitted.
  12. The only real fix is to take the time to untangle it and roll it up into a ball or cake. I despise it when the yarn gets tangled while I am working. Good thing about it though is you can roll your yarn into a cake (or I call it the inside out yarn ball) without having to frog any of your work.
  13. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-furrylicious-boot I am about to go out of my mind with these boots! :yell I am getting extra stitches no matter how diligent I ma about keeping count and following the pattern to a T. Plus to make things more frustrating the extra stitches are different depending on if I am doing the left or right boot. I really hope someone out there has made these and has some pointers. So far no one has had any advice on my previous post about the loop stitch but maybe it will make more sense after seeing the link to the pattern.
  14. I am making these baby booties that are covered in a loop stitch. I am having the problem of the loops not wanting to stay put. Some will even almost disappear to the wrong side of my work. Is there a way to keep the loops looking nice without having to constantly mess with them to keep them looking right?:think:think
  15. Beautiful pattern and beautiful colors! I would go another round or so on the trim myself. Still a wonderful job.
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