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    I love making things! Sometimes I play games on FaceBook (http://www.facebook.com/screaminmimi1979)
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    Lithia Springs, GA (west of Atlanta)
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    World of Warcraft, listening to music,bead weaving, drawing, painting, sculpting & crochet!
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    Veterinary technician (11 years!)
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    amigurumi & wristers
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  1. screaminmimi

    Crochet in True Blood!

    I love True Blood! I'm currently working on an afghan like Lafayette has I just ran across this site & thought I'd share. I DID NOT make these, but they are soooo cute http://nightsofpassion.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/true-blood-fan-crochets-dolls-sookie-bill-and-more/
  2. screaminmimi

    Need Ideas for Quick & Easy Baby Gifts

    Great site! Thanks so much
  3. Two of my cousins just had babies (one had twin boys!) and my mind is not cooperating with me. I want to make all the babies something that would be quick and easy to whip out. I'm pretty new to crocheting, so whatever I do will need to be relatively simple. I was thinking maybe little blankies, but I'd love to hear some other ideas Thanks in advance!
  4. screaminmimi

    Adult hoodie pattern

    Did you ever find a good pattern for an adult hoodie? I want to make one so badly, but I also am having trouble finding patterns...
  5. screaminmimi

    My Little Ghostie

    I just made this cute little ghost. I didn't have a pattern. I started out making a humanoid toy (crochet balls for head & body and tubes for arms/legs), but after I attached the arms, it reminded me of a ghost, so I did not add legs & sewed the bottom of the body to make it flat, so he would stand up http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z93/wickedqueenamanda/?action=view&current=crochet001.jpg
  6. screaminmimi

    Looking for thread chrochet patterns

    There's a bunch on this site http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/ I just started using thread & I've been using the patterns there for doilies. The patterns are very easy to follow, too
  7. screaminmimi

    Hairpin lace vs filet

    Thanks everyone - after I posted the question, I realized hairpin required a loom (sorry about that)... Filet it is, then! Off to look up some filet patterns
  8. screaminmimi

    Hairpin lace vs filet

    I'm fairly new to crocheting but I love the look of lace. What is the difference between hairpin lace and filet? Which one would be easier to learn for a beginner?
  9. screaminmimi

    My bluelady doily

    Here's a link to a website I used to use all the time when I was tatting doilies - this page shows how she finishes hers http://www.be-stitched.com/finishdoily.asp
  10. screaminmimi

    8 petal flower

    The varigated flower is very pretty. I also looked at your blog & everything on there is awesome! You're very creative, Mandy! Keep up the great work.
  11. screaminmimi

    Shawl I made for Christmas

    Very cute! I love to make things where you don't need a pattern, and you can just go with the flow.
  12. screaminmimi

    Christmas Table Runner

    Great work! It looks beautiful in red. Great color choice!
  13. screaminmimi

    My bluelady doily

    I think most people recommend starch & ironing to stiffen doilies. I'll try to find my tatting book, because it says how to finish tatted doilies. Very cute, by the way
  14. screaminmimi

    Scrap Blanket

    LOL I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday & bought a clearanced book called Heirloom Afghans. I was flipping through, marking the patterns I want to try & guess what blanket I found. Yep, Mrs. Scrap Blanket. There's a bunch of awesome looking afghans in the book, though, so I'm gonna be a very busy hooker for a while
  15. screaminmimi

    Anyone here in Georgia?

    Lithia Springs, GA here! (It's just west of Atlanta)