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    Married for 30 years. We have 4 kids and 8 grandkids
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    Washington state
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    Crocheting and traveling
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    Afghans, scarves, stocking caps and baby items
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  1. I am attempting my first ever ripple afghan. For some reason I never got around to ever making one and I found one called Rippling Ridges by Marianne Forrestal in the Winter 2012 issue of Love Of Crochet. I'm about half way finished and I love it.
  2. I love these! I've been making fingerless gloves for everyone and the crocodile stitch you used adds some pizzazz to them.
  3. Wow! That is amazing. It's a wonderful blanket.
  4. terrijo

    Hearts Afghan

    Very nice. I love the colors.
  5. Very pretty. I love the colors.
  6. Crochet hasn't hurt me, yet, but my husband would say that it hurts his wallet.
  7. I love it. My daughters favorite colors are black and pink.
  8. If I have offended anyone I want to apologize to you now...it wasn't done intentionally
  9. The pattern I saw was when I first joined. As far as my hat statement went I was trying to get across the same point you made..that we can all come up with an idea. Just because I didn't post it here doesn't mean that someone else "owns" it because they did. I've seen people say "Oh, that looks like _________ (fill in the blank) pattern" and it might be like theirs with different stitches and colors, etc. but it doesn't make it any less mine. THE END ( If I say anymore I might offend someone )
  10. I crochet all the time and don't know much about computers! Crochetville is the place for me. It's so easy even I could figure it out. I think I've been to Ravelry twice and that was enough for me. I'm sure they worked hard on it but I need simplicity. My biggest problem with every site is all the people that claim to OWN patterns. When I first started crocheting(way before I found any site on a computer) I figured out if I just kept going on the plain old circular pot holder I was making it turned into a stocking cap. I used dbl and single stitches for variation and made many of
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