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    I am the mother of one beautiful little girl! (she is 2 1/2)
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    Minneapolis, MN
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    Crochet, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Jewelry Making, Herbs, and The Tarot
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    Scarfs, lol
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  1. Yes I have seen a lot of the shoe embelishment, but that one is so pretty. I will find some of the other pictures of shoes with crochet. I have seen some cool heels with crochet tops.
  2. HAHAHA Yes omg I was thinking that too! I LOVE the dress! I am thinking about a crocheted wedding dress, but it will for sure have a lining!
  3. One of my favorites is Catherine Malandrino's Crocheted Dress. But she also had shoes and belts in her 2010 line.
  4. I thought This was really cool! It's about time the beauty and versatility of crochet got some High Fashion attention!
  5. I found this http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/clothing-patternseg.html though it may have the same problem as the one you are working with for being warm. Have you considered a lighter yarn? Or you could try a looser/more open stitch.. You could stick to the more opaque stitches for trim and the breast area, but use a more open stitch for the torso and sleeves.. this one seems much lighter but it is see through, so not going to work to wear it alone. pretty though.. If i find more links I will post them.
  6. Oh cool! and I live in MN! Going to have to check this out.
  7. wow that is awesome, for sure the pen is great! sign me up!
  8. I am really glad you liked everything! I see a kitty in the pic to cute!, lol.
  9. Wow that is great! I need to get me one of those, lol!
  10. Those are so cool! They are dishtowels and Hot pads right? Do you sew them?
  11. I received several lovely squares from Nicolep and Eneida! Thank you gals sooooo much! here are some pics of them. Sorry they are not great, my camera battery is dead so i used my phone, lol PS what gauge did you two use on the granny squares? They look so nice! Mine never look like that, maybe i am doing it wrong...
  12. I got my package, and it was soooooooooooo wonderful!! I am just floored! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  13. Oh i really love how it turned out, gives me ideas to the comfortghan I am working on right now.
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