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  1. Crochet Me is now defunct as an online free crochet mag, right? It's really sad, crochet needs one. Knitting has Knitty, and though Magknits has just gone away Knotions is about to be online, so it's such an empty space for crochet.
  2. I love this issue. I've been really into knitting lately and ignoring my crochet, but this issue is going to make me come back. I love that they have garments in finer gauges, to me that makes much more sense for crochet since crochet is naturally bulkier than knitting. The Butterscotch Cardigan is at the top of my list, but I also like China Doll. I think China Doll might look nice in a shiny viscose or silk or rayon yarn with a contrasting color on the trims and the knot button/flowers. I like the Marianne mobius wrap, too. The socks aren't bad looking, but it doesn't make sense to me to do stranded colorwork with crochet on socks. Maybe if they had called them "slippers" that would make more sense, but with crochet's natural bulkiness and the added bulk of the colorwork, I think it's going to be hard to fit those in shoes.
  3. That is beautiful! What a lucky friend.
  4. I bought this same pattern and plan to make it myself one day. Yours looks great. And all the better, I say, that you didn't have to do all the rounds.
  5. The scarf was very quick, just a couple of hours. It's made with Muench "Touch Me". The stitch is a slightly modified version of one in the Harmony Guides 220 More Crochet Stitches. The choker band is knit in 2x2 ribbing. The flower is crocheted with another modified pattern from the same book, and the leaf is knit with the instructions from the Berroco pattern Tornabuoni.
  6. What online crochet magazines are there? I know about Crochet Me. Are there any others?
  7. ditto on that. I like the look of the afghans with a million little motifs of 100 colors sewed up together, but the idea of doing 100 squares of 3 colors each, that means 2 ends to weave in for every color change, 600 ends to weave in, how do people do it? these days, all I want to crochet (and knit) is wearables.
  8. I totally have a book with great hats for hair like mine, actually. It's called Get Your Crochet On! Maybe I'll whip up something out of that!
  9. Someone did tell me about Nine Rubies. If we hadn't been so short on time, definitely would have gone. But we were in SF and wanted to go to Sonoma area, which is in the opposite direction, and we just ran out of time. If I go back, I will try to visit Nine Rubies. thanks!
  10. I should be ashamed. I used to crochet all the time. And then I learned how to knit and almost completely abandoned crochet. I feel so ashamed, like a terrible hypocrite when I defend crochet as being just as good as knitting on the knitting forums. I haven't had a crochet FO in months! I need something to get me back in my crochet groove, but I don't know what to make. Something pretty and a little more complicated than plain sc. Some laciness. A hat? A pillow cover? Help me get my crochet groove back! for the hat, keep in mind that i have big afro hair and the hat needs to balloon out to hold it.
  11. I tried a Brittany hook but it had some sort of splinter or something that kept making the yarn snag. I understand that if you file it, it'll be better. I just got my first Crystal Palace crochet hook a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Same smooth finish as the knitting needles, through which I was first introduced to Crystal Palace.
  12. I'm right next door to you now in Upland. What were your favorite stores?
  13. Oh my goodness, the travelling hook! I hadn't been to this forum in so long I had forgotten all about it. How long has that hook been traveling?!? I remember I was the only one or one of two who requested to have the international one sent for when I was studying in South Africa like 5 months ago! The international hook never got going, I think. I know I'm at the bottom of the list for this hook. I wonder when I will get it. ETA: I just looked, I'm not on the list! what happened?
  14. JCB, all the patterns are free and they are on the site. I should have given you the main page: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/kategori_oversikt.php Click on, for example, Ladies, and it will give you all the womens patterns. Or click on Crochet and you will get all the crochet patterns.
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