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  1. Belsa

    Miss Ellie Elephant

    aww! that is just precious!
  2. Belsa

    Nook cover

    thank you! my daughter crochets too, it isn't often she asks me to make her something so I had fun making this!
  3. I made these from a hand sanitizer cozy pattern that was written by Lilly Flower and you can find it here http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=107719 I added a loop and a button so the bottle wouldn't slip out in my purse. I found the hand sanitizer in lavender, 3 for $1 at dollar tree. I made these four while watching tv tonight. A great, inexpensive and quick gift when you need a little something for a friend!
  4. that is striking! I love your variation...thank you for sharing it!
  5. Belsa

    Nook cover

    My daughter requested a cover for her nook, so here it is. she actually has her nook in a hard case that looks like a book and this cover was made to go over that. turquoise is her favorite color and she picked out a pretty fan button for it. It is not from any particular pattern
  6. those are fantastic! what did you use for the gray one?
  7. Belsa


    that is so pretty and a lovely color!
  8. that is beautiful and I love the yarn you chose!
  9. the look on your dog's face is priceless! the sweater came out great and it fits perfectly on the other dog! great job!
  10. those look perfect and so useful! what a great mom you are~
  11. that is adorable! what pattern did you use?
  12. Such a thoughtful gift and it is so cheerful! opportunities to minister to someone can come at the most unexpected times.
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