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  1. if anybody can find saint patrick's day themed patterns we can use for bonus squares, that'd rock! i can't find any...
  2. hey guys! Sorry i missed the v-day square surprise! I spent most of that day in the hospital from a really bad gall bladder attack. http://www.yarncrazy.com/happy-hearts http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=118629 Here are the v-day bonus squares!! Also I will be posting the march squares today as well!
  3. That is sooo pretty!!! I really like it!
  4. I usually do 2 rows in my granny squares for the blanket. :-) You don't have to use the colors that's in the pattern you can always switch them out!
  5. If yall happen to find cool 12 inch square pattern that you like feel free to share it!
  6. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=117414 Just sharing a fun pattern thats super easy!
  7. Alright, just for the heck of it I posted feb's squares! :-) On valentine's day I will post an additional bonus square! <3
  8. I'll have my package ready to go soon too! yay!
  9. Im checking in to let yall know I haven't received my pot holder yet, I just sent my partner a PM to find out if she had received mine yet. There might of been a delay because last week the roads were inpassable from the ice in GA but it should be fine to get there soon, I hope. I told her if she doesnt get it, to let me know and I will make her another one and send it to her.
  10. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pattern you will see a graph of the pattern and thats how you count how many squares of each color you need to make by counting those squares. They dont tell you on the pattern itself how many to make though.
  11. This one was the first Jan square pattern I have listed on the first page.
  12. http://www.yarncrazy.com/windowpane I just finished making this square, I like it so much Im going to make a small afghan to drape over my love seat! <3
  13. I was thinking it would be cool to start up another happy yellow house crochet along. I am about to start working on my first happy yellow house quilt-ghan! Also if you guys know of any other crochet quilt sites please post it up so I can add it on this first post for us to look at. http://www.happyyellowhouse.com/htm/hearts.html This will be the one I want to make first. When you decide on the first one you want to make please feel free to share the link and then post progress pics as you go along! Right now I got to make - 147 red squares 147 blue squares 300 white squares 30 white/red squares 30 white/blue squares I think that I counted it right.
  14. Actually the color is peach... lol but I probably will...
  15. Im just not doing well at all with these squares. When I first looked at the pattern it looked easy but now Im stuck with square 1 for Jan's squares... it looks like crud... I dont know what I did wrong, I followed the pattern exactly but it dont look right...
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