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  1. So I'm trying to create a cabled triangle shawl and I have achieved something very similar to what I wanted, in the pics you can see, the cables are 6 dcs apart. My goal: I want there to be only 2dcs in between cables so they are much closer together Right now, I have been adding new cables once there are 12 sts ( not incl the edge stitch and one stitch inside the chain of the center point) on either side of an existing cable. Does that maybe help anybody to help me? Haha.. I have no clue. Thanks so much in advance
  2. Hey! sorry I don't think I was specific enough, on the first one I did I did sc the bottom shut. But do you see where the tablet is sitting? there are 2 individual rows of stitching that hold the stuffing in and make a flat spot for the tablet to lay in. Here is another of the first one I made, you can see the indent, maybe you can see where I stitched. ( I used stash yarn, I know its bad lol)
  3. Hi everyone! I'm just wondering what the best stitch/technique would be to use for sewing the spot near the front ( bottom) of this tablet stand would be. You have to sew quite tightly to keep the fiberfill in the main part, and then leave a 1 inch space and sew again. What is the most secure way I could do this besides just sort of winging it? I'm gonna give some to a few family members and don't want them coming apart on them Thanks!
  4. yes!! that's correct, sorry it took me a while to respond, had a busy day, and thank you SO much for playing with this and rearranging it for me!! EDIT: I've just started working with it and I'm a little confused, not unusual for me. So, what did you chain to get that point at the bottom? and let me make sure I have this straight, at the end of each row, you're chaining 2, to get 1 in the chain and then 1 that acts as a dc? so 2? or it seems like I'm chaining too many? thank you!
  5. Hey Granny Square! I'm back with a quick question, that may turn into not being so quick for you, but I hope it's not a pain for me to ask. I've been working this pattern with great success and I still can't thank you enough! I've been wanting to experiment with another version where the flowers are a little closer together, so I figured out that I wanted there to be 5 dcs in between ch, sk2 ( for the bottom petal) instead of 9, 3dc in between ( for the middle row of flower) instead of 5, and likewise 5 more in between on the top petal instead of 9 again. I tried worki
  6. Thanks for replying. It must be our tension because with the ch 2 flowers mine is coming out fine. I didn't take the picture on a flat surface earlier but when I lay it there it is fine. I know it doesn't look it but when I fold it together vertically, the edges mirror each other. I will keep working as I have time, I changed colors to cream and used a smaller hook and I will post in a while. Thank you for this stitches into the air idea and the fdc. This wouldn't be possible as a triangle it seems without that.
  7. My border is puckering/ making more of a shell than yours. Hmmm. ..tried it several times. I find the spacing of the stitches along the border are not consistent so you have a wider space between some of the stitches. Did you get that?
  8. I don't even know if I can explain it but it's totally working out by the 3,2,3,3 Yes, I have 7 dc's to either side of the ch 1 sk 1 space rows. According to the chart, row 12 is where I should have 9 sts to either side of the pattern, I double checked after you said that. Row 11 is 4. Yes, the flower petals, row 1 and row 3 have 2 skipped sts, row 2 in between those is ch 2, sk2, slst in the previous ch2 of flower in row below, ch2, sk another 2 and resume crocheting 5 more dc's in between doing that again.
  9. Ok here we go. After the first repeat of 4 is done then it works out if you do 3,2,3,3
  10. Its all working out except for one thing: on the 6th row, by the rule: 2,3,3,3 - on that row you'd also have to increase 3 or there won't be 9 sts in between ch 2 spaces. Am I right?
  11. I just noticed the only difference is that I'm slst'ing in the original ch2 spaces that form the base of the flower whereas you're doing 2dc's, I don't think that changes anything though? I have an order I'm finishing up for a friend and then I'll take to it and see if I can figure it out. It's confusing in written form, but if I could see it in a video I think it would be crystal clear as I'm a very visual learner. However I think with enough trial and error I'll work it out. Thanks so much! I'll come back with progress!
  12. Ahhhhh!! You know- part of me started to realize what you had done after I asked you but now I know for sure. So that's what you do to add the stitches at the beginning of a row, and then at the end of the row you just put the same amount you increased by in the last stitch? I've done one or two patterns with foundation dc'ing to add to a row, so let me get one more thing straight, we only need to foundation dc at the beginning of every row? sorry for all these questions! thank you to the moon and back!
  13. How many did you originally chain in the foundation to work downwards with that swatch? That is definitely the best way I've seen to bridge the gaps and what I thought were ugly jogs in my first couple of swatches. Only thing is, I wonder how that method would look when the jogs aren't just 1 row ( like yours above is) but instead 4, which makes a larger chunk. I was going to show my swatch , but I lost it, how did I even lose it. But what I did was chain a few so that the chain was in between the "L" shape or armpit lol and then went into the corner of eac
  14. All I can say is thank you both for every little bit of help you've given, as I never would have gotten half this far without you. I felt home free last night and then started working it and hitting that issue, but we almost had it. I feel like we're just a few solutions away from getting it right. The only thing I hate about the jog is ( I did get it down to slst 3 or 4 with each decreased pattern ( 4 rows) and it could work), but it's also a very frustrating pattern because if the length is even slightly wrong, then I have to pull out SO much work and m
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