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  1. Hello! I recently discovered this part of the forum, though I don't know why it took me so long to get around to it. I blame being a grad student. I am also part of the H&K club. I have been for quite a while, and really enjoy getting the patterns as well as the yarn. I will be getting the "Stripping Scarflet" soon, so I'll have to join you here as well.
  2. I'm fairly new to crochet. I also have ADHD, and get distracted easily unless the task is complicated. What I found with choosing new patterns is that I have to choose something that I like the look of the finished product. So, I always look for an image. After that I breathe. After the breathing and reorienting myself, I check to see what language it is in. I have found that my method of choosing patterns means I'll find stuff from the US, UK, vintage catalogues, etc. Every one of them seems to have a slightly different way of expressing stitches. I keep a notebook with the stitch terms and what they are in each language I've run across. Finally, I plod my way through it and make adjustments as necessary. I have found that many patterns on the internet and those written out my my grandma may not have the best math involved. (Anyone ever have the case of "2 stitches in each across" and the pattern writer doesn't double the number of stitches?) In this case, there is a bit of guesswork to make it look right. I also use sticky notes. Any pattern I've made has sticky notes with my adjustments so I know how I "fixed" the pattern. By the time all this has been done, and I have a finished product in my hands, I'm happy. It makes my ADHD relax since I've got all that extra work to do to make an item. What I'd tell beginners is don't be afraid. Ever. You can rip it out, you can start over. You can make adjustments as you want them -- it makes your item unique! Also, enjoy the challenge of new patterns, stitches, and techniques.
  3. Thanks! I was looking at a picture of something said was done in "Bavarian stitch", and thought it was pretty. I wanted to try it, but not buy the book yet. I was hoping to just find a decent description (which I did) and try it out. This lets me know that I might actually get somewhere! =D
  4. I just got the same thing, and was looking for more on the stitch. As I'm new to crochet, I'm literally clueless. Even what you guys wrote above doesn't make much sense. Could anyone please explain what makes the Bavarian style different or special?
  5. Sadly, it didn't. At least, not that I know of. I did put a copy of the receipt -- I keep all originals for my own safety -- in with the check to remind them. And they still chose to ignore that bit. I'm hoping it was overlooked and they will be reasonable when I talk to them in person Friday (if one of them is there) or Saturday, again, if one of them shows up.
  6. In person is one I haven't tried yet on the situation. Mostly because it just came up today, but I shall try both Friday when I go in to pick up my shelves (making them more stable and less likely to fall), and Saturday when I'm in for work. I'm really hoping this gets all squared away soon. I *HATE* drama and problems. It makes me a nervous wreck.
  7. You guys are all very nice. Thanks for the welcome signs! =D
  8. I can, but it is like speaking to a wall. She doesn't actually listen. The "store manager" doesn't have the authority to do anything without the "owner's" permission. So, either way, I feel like no one is hearing when I talk to them on the phone, email, or even in person.
  9. I also crochet at movies, then break when it is too dark to see. I also try to sit close to a light source, either the screen or stairs when possible to help me. It eliminates the need for other lighting. Best of luck, and have fun!
  10. OK, I've come across a problem and I'd like your input, feedback, and advice. This is a bit long, and a bit confusing since I don't know all the proper terms, but bear with me. In October I got an exciting deal to open a craft booth in a physical store. This would be my first time selling my items, so I was excited. They were going to be new to town, and they said they were going opening on 1.Nov. Being the good person I am, when I signed the 6 month contract, I paid the first month and deposit ahead of time. That really just the way I am. I like things paid early. Now, they didn't open on 1.Nov. Instead, they opened on 12.Nov. and said they were prorating November's rent. I asked if I could apply that to December, and they said, "Yes". A month's rent is $60, and they charged $30 for Nov. So, I was $30 up. December comes up and I pay my rent early (today, in fact) for $30. I was even smart enough to include a photocopy of the receipt for the November's rent as a reminder that I already paid up extra. I get an email later that day from the person in charge stating in a rather snobby tone that she was only prorating November, and I owe an additional $30. Now, I've wasted half a day on the phone trying to find free legal advice on this matter. $30 is a lot when you don't have a real job and live on financial aid. (Two weeks worth of groceries, in fact.) Most of them won't touch the case unless it is in the thousands of dollars, but I still want to know what I can do to protect myself. Answer: make sure you get everything in writing, and yes, email counts. Would be better if it was snail-mail though. Now, the part that I want your advice about is what would you do in my situation? Since I have the option, I'm seriously tempted to give my 30 days notice and quit. (That is what the contract asks for, no sub-leaser, which surprises me...) Would you stick it out for the full 6 months? Really, what would you guys do if you were in my shoes?
  11. Hello. I'm a grad student and a crochet addict. I'm not a computer addict, and I'm certainly scarce on communities even when I sign up for them. Anyway, I'm a long time lurker, but decided to actually sign up for an account here. *bows* And now I'm heading back off to my hooks. See you around when I come back to lurk!
  12. Those are incredible! How long does it take to make just one? o.o
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