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  1. Hi, I'd like to be considered Thank you Salma
  2. Thank you very much My brother's family received their rosaries yesterday, they are amazing, they are beautiful I'm very very grateful to you Salma
  3. Hello to everyone Thank you for your generosity I would love to be entered!
  4. Hi Becky, thank you very much for your generosity I was wondering if I have time yet to send to you my PM? Thanks
  5. Thank you for your generosity Please, count me in, I'd like to give one of them as a gift to my niece and my nephew
  6. Hi, It's so generous of you, Thank you Please, count me in, Salma
  7. :cheerCongrats to Krafty19!!!!!!!, Beautiful bag:hug
  8. Just entered I love it I'd love to gift it to my daughter, she's at university Good luck to all Kind regards Salma
  9. Hi Thank you for this giveaway I love it It's so special for summer season Please, count me in
  10. Hi MaryJo Congratulations to you for all Totes you made for us I appreciate it I love June 2012 Tote
  11. Hi Evelyn, thank you for the giveaway Please, enter me I'll love to make all of them as a gift for kids
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