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  1. janni

    My First Attempt

    Very nice and keep up the good work!
  2. janni

    Minion diaper cover, hat and booties

    Oh so cute!
  3. janni

    Two doilies from a Japanese Crochet Lace book

    I agree the one on the left is very unusual. Fun to see something unique. Nice work!
  4. janni

    Some more doilies in various sizes

    So pretty!
  5. janni

    Priscilla Hewitt's Matelasse Afghan

    Gorgeous afghan!
  6. janni

    Baby boy set

    Oh how cute that is going to be on a little boy! Thanks for sharing your pattern info also.
  7. janni

    Current Afghan

    Looks great!
  8. janni

    Newbie! First Afghan, I think i did ok.

    Your afghan looks very nice. I hope you enjoy making many more.
  9. janni

    one down,11 to go!

    I love your embroidery! Both the cupcake apron and this square turned out beautiful.
  10. janni

    Green doily

    Pretty doily!
  11. janni

    Violet wash/dish cloths

    Yayyy! Something new and fun! Thanks so much for sharing and I will be on the hunt for this yarn. Your flowers turned out really nice!
  12. janni

    Baby Dresses

    You are a good friend for making these and they are so cute!