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    Hats, Purses (small things)
  1. Sea-Era

    double to single?

    I often substitute 2 rows of Single Crochet for Double Crochet.....sometime I even substitute ESC = Extended Single crochet..... Here is a tutorial...
  2. Sea-Era

    Owl cable stitch

    Here is the pattern for free........ https://sites.google.com/site/coudreducoeur/crochet-patterns/Double-Crochet-Hat
  3. Sea-Era

    Is anyone on Pinterest?

    This is me..... http://pinterest.com/sea0era/ Always looking for new friends!!
  4. Sea-Era

    Do you alter your hooks?

    I use the pencil grips and sports tape method (from Crochet Geek/Teresa) It's especially good when you are switching between regular size hook and steels. No matter the hook size they all feel the same in my hand. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g46/Sea-Era/Crochet/HookGrips.jpg
  5. Sea-Era

    Yarn Bowls

    Like many of you I can't justify spending that much money on a yarn bowl. I crochet with a lapdesk in my lap and all my tools in front of me. I use overturned terracotta pots to hold my yarn. I got this cute pot from a friend many years ago (I killed the plant...lol)... but it works great as a yarn holder. I have since bought a bigger pot for larger balls.
  6. Sea-Era

    How Do You Hold YOUR Hook?

    I was actually taught overhanded... but I s wtched to holding it like a pencil about 15 years ago... it's more comfortable for me
  7. Sea-Era

    Storing your patterns?

    I keep all my patterns on my computer... since that is where I have found most of them. There is a free program called ...Cute PDF...it will save any webpage as a Pdf file. It's very easy to use.. once you are on a webpage with the pattern... click "Print" .. when the popup appears make sure Cute Pdf is the Name of the printer... and save it. I also keep a copy of all my patterns on my smartphone.. in the cloud. I use DROPBOX. That way I have all my patterns on the go and can refer to them without sitting in front of the computer. I even bought a cellphone cover with a kickstand for the purpose of reading patterns on my phone... I'm such a nerd!!...lol
  8. Sea-Era

    Vintage Wristlet/Purse

    I made this wristlet for my best friend to carry on her wedding day. Her fondest memory was of seeing her grandmother in a black chunky necklace (you know the kind... from the 80s). She wanted to carry that necklace with her..... so I made this It is really a very simple pattern... I just use the basic hat pattern... with increases every row until base is @ 4 inches wide... 2 rows of no increases... then the stitches of your choice.
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  10. I used the kluster section from the pattern located HERE
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  12. here is the original post (in English) with pics.... soooo CUTE!! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=102133&highlight=Brenda%B4s+Thread+Booties
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    I'm on facebook.... you can click on the link in my signature ... feel free to add me
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    testing again
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    Just wondering it I have the links set