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  1. I napped this afternoon instead of crocheting. WTD 0
  2. Ellie, you just never know how the scores will vary from week to week. I'm getting close to the end of several skeins but there may not be enough crochet time to finish anything. I'll see how it goes this afternoon. Hope everyone is well and able to stay in as much as possible.
  3. Hello from Mississippi! Love your Aztec bracelets!
  4. Krys, thanks for a laugh on this morning when I woke up way too early.
  5. Hello from Mississippi!
  6. That's quite an accomplishment!
  7. I've always liked the circle vests. I especially like your sunflower one.
  8. Hello from Mississippi! We always enjoy seeing projects. You can post links to your revelry and etsy pages.
  9. Hello from Mississippi!
  10. I've been working on several different projects this week so no more progress. WTD +2
  11. I agree totally. Everyone seems to be in a frenzy about stocking up. We get it for DH to use in the shop where there's no water. He snacks out there and friends visit. He was already using it but is trying to be particularly diligent since his white blood count has been low. Luckily I bought a big bottle about a month ago. Hopefully we won't have to be making some before the shortage is over.
  12. Finally a little progress. Finished a skein on the country pathways afghan...+2.
  13. Everyone has been very busy! Cindy, great stockings! I tried making a couple and like most little things I've crocheted, I ended up throwing my hands up in frustration. Ratdog, cute bears! Apak, that's a LOT of whales (and a lot of wrapping)! Love the different colors.
  14. It looks great--very pretty!
  15. Looong day with the grands. I'm close to being through with a skein, but didn't get any crochet time today. WTD 0
  16. Debbie, it's really pretty! I love the colors.
  17. Pam, that's the best kind of fairy!
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