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  1. Thanks, Pam! I made a dozen water balloons and used up a skein...+2.
  2. I saw an article yesterday about the testing that the military bioweapons group did to find the best material for homemade face masks. They say 4 ply microfiber cleaning cloths filter 75% of particles (N95 masks filter 90%).
  3. My current favorite no brainer/travel pattern is hdc between the stitches. Here's a lap throw and two doll blankets in that pattern and a solid granny doll blanket.travel
  4. Here is the lap throw and three doll blankets.
  5. Judy, it looks great! I would have to experiment for hours to get that many different colors to look good. You make it look so easy.
  6. It's been a slow crochet week. WTD +2
  7. Jessie, congratulations! The best reason ever to buy yarn. Debbie, I've got several things I need to weave in the ends on and then take pictures.
  8. Great job! You can get a lot done when you have extra time on your hands. LOL
  9. I finished the lap throw and a skein...+2. I have projects that I want to start/work on, but my time is so fragmented that I've been sticking to simple/no brainer patterns. Recently I seem to be stuck on hdc between the stitches. Simple and requires no thought to pick up at odd moments.
  10. I thought I might get thru one more skein but it didn't happen. WTD +8
  11. I used another skein in the lap throw...+2 = +8. I was curious and weighed the last ones I got out and they are on average 2 oz skeins (mill ends).
  12. I've used up two more skeins on the lap throw....+4. Used another skein...+2 = +6.
  13. Just finished another skein...+2 = WTD +10 YTD -33
  14. Used another skein in the lap throw...+2 = +8. I'll see how the rest of the afternoon goes before posting the final score for the week.
  15. Used up a skein on a lap throw...+2 = +4 Another skein went into the lap throw...+2 = +6. That's not as much crocheting as it sounds like. They are smallish skeins.
  16. There are things I could be doing, but I'm taking some me time while I have a chance. Keeping an eye on the thunderstorms coming thru, crocheting and watching a show. Used up a skein...+2.
  17. Jessie, cute lamb! Awake early listening to the thunderstorm coming thru.
  18. This should be a time to get lots of crocheting done since we aren't going anywhere but dr apts, the post office, the drug store and very occasionally the Dollar General. But in reality with DH's torn knee tendon and not being able to walk, there is NO me time in my day. Spent yesterday fetching and washing clothes from the Little Rock trip to the myeloma center to get ready for spending the night in Oxford before his knee surgery on Wednesday. They said he can do physical therapy at home (hope that is true since he's high risk to be out) so I'll get to crack the whip on that task too. I'm ready for a "calgon take me away" week! WTD +2
  19. This has been a strange year for weather or a year for strange weather. We missed the first round, but the second brought wind and we lost power until Tuesday. But we were so lucky compared to a lot of people. More possibly severe thunderstorms this weekend. Mother Nature is working overtime. Pam, I don't think I could take snow at this point in the year! I didn't get much crocheting done while we were in Little Rock, but I did use up a ball and roll a yarn pouf into a ball...+2.
  20. Debbie, hope you avoided the bad weather today. So far just a couple of inches of rain here.
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