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  1. I have a bag crocheted from plarn that I use to bring in vegetables from the garden. I made it at least 5-6 years ago and it continues to be very sturdy.
  2. Yes, it is. Ocean Sunset Ombre "Mulberry". The photo doesn't really do the colors justice. I'm really pleased with how it came out.
  3. I finished the last four skeins of my round ripple afghan kit, but I decided I wanted it a little larger. So I've ordered 3 skeins.
  4. Busy week. One skein turned into HAP rectangles. Finally finished the last two place mats of a set for DIL which used up four skeins. Got 10 skeins into a round ripple afghan kit--thank goodness for small skeins! All that helped bring down the negative balance of my big yarn order. So: wtd -16; ytd -10
  5. If the aim of this forum is to make me buy less yarn, it's not working. I just ordered the yarn for another afghan--Herrschnerr's simple shades afghan. I couldn't resist the blues. But at least it's making me more motivated to do more crocheting and use up what I have.
  6. Glad to know I'm not the only bad one. My yarn order came in today--enough yarn for an afghan, plus a few more to get the free shipping.
  7. 6" of snow on the ground when we got up this morning. In Mississippi that shuts everything down! I've been out to feed the birds and now I'm ready to crochet the day away.
  8. Made four special olympics scarves and trying to catch up on HAP rectangles, so: wtd: +6; ytd +6
  9. I finished my four scarves (to Mississippi) and have them ready to mail tomorrow. Now on to the next project--rectangles for HAP.
  10. Weighed in this morning. No loss, but holding steady from last week. I've had a cold and haven't had the energy to exercise. Maybe by the end of the week.
  11. I love the Evanovich books. Nice light reading that's a mix of mystery, romance, and humor.
  12. I guess I've found what it takes for me to lose weight--be REALLY busy trying to get two weeks work done in one week. I guess I didn't have time to think about eating and was too tired at the end of the day (didn't know that was possible!). The result was losing three pounds over the holiday despite lots of holiday cooking. So I rewarded myself by ordering the yard needed for the Bernat mystery CAL afghan. Now I just have to keep busy enough and exercise enough to keep losing more.
  13. Please add me to the list. I have lots of yarn that I have at least stored the pattern I intend to use with it. But also lots of yarn bought on sale. Maybe this will help motivate me to get going. Mona
  14. January 1- Book made into a movie--The Road 2-Book set in another country--Jan Karon's In the Company of Others (Ireland) 3 snowflakes; book tote February 1-Memoir--The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch 2-Classic--The Call of the Wild Valentine's potholder March 1-Person's name in the title--Caleb's Crossing 2-Book ONE of a series Baby burp pad and washcloth April 1-Travel narrative 2-Flowers on the cover--Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies "heart" hobo bag May 1-Author starts with M--The Shape of Snakes--Minette Walters 2-Any banned book Sue's Market Bag June 1-Any mystery--The Neighbor--Lisa Gardner 2-An author new to you that someone recommended The Last Lecture Reversible Cowl July 1-Childhood favorite 2-Book that has been on your list for a LONG time,and you never got around to it yet . The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo August 1-Biography of a famous person 2-Any book set during a War --The Union Quilters September 1-Any book over 350 pages Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive 2-A COLOR in the title October 1-Scarey book The Face--Dean Koontz 2-Edgar Allen Poe book November 1-Short story collection 2-Make a recipe from a cookbook Ugly But Warm Hat December 1-Any Award-Winning book 2-Takes place out West --past or present Mona
  15. I've been intending all year to exercise more and lose some weight. Maybe this will be the incentive to get going and keep it up. Also the excuse to get the yarn for and crochet an afghan for myself. Mona
  16. Please include me also. Praying for comfort for you and your family.
  17. I signed up and got one cone the last week of October. I've almost finished with it--a baby blanket, a child's afghan, and just enough left over for a couple of baby caps. I am donating them to a local charity. I like the feel of the yarn, but don't really think yarn that has to be hand washed or dry cleaned is the best choice for a charity project.
  18. Please include me. Duck season is just around the corner
  19. Please include me. I like thread for ornaments and bookmarks.
  20. I would give it to my best friend and walking partner whose learning to crochet.
  21. Add me also, please. Caron Simply Soft if one of my favorites. Thanks, Mona
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