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  1. I finally got started on the dahlia blanket. It uses 15 colors so it'll be a long time before any is used up. WTD 0
  2. Pretty! Thanks for sharing the link. I don't usually do wearables but that's tempting.
  3. Hello from Mississippi!
  4. Hello from Mississippi!
  5. greyhoundgrandma


    They're cute! I like their scarves.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, Mary Jo! Prayers for your family.
  7. I just ordered 7 skeins to make a blanket for our newest soon to be adopted grandson. So I'll be in the negative who knows when with how long orders are sometimes taking--maybe next week if I'm lucky.
  8. I used another skein yesterday...+2 = WTD +4 YTD -15
  9. How can it seem like the days go by slowly but yet it's the end of May already?!?! LOL Mississippi starts "safe return" on Monday which lets pretty much everything open with limits/rules but with DH's issues we're still in the category instructed to continue sheltering in place. This has really gotten old! At least he's getting to the point of not needing constant "fetching and carrying" and I'm getting a little me time. PT is definitely helping his mobility. I finished off a skein yesterday...+2.
  10. Denise, your dad has really had a hard time! Hope he's on the mend now with no more complications. I understand what you mean about wanting a few weeks to yourself.
  11. Hello from Mississippi!
  12. Pretty! Makes my eyes cross just thinking about making something that small. LOL
  13. They're all cute! I hate patterns where you just have to figure out some way to make it work.
  14. Mary Jo, I'm always amazed at your graph ghans! I would never have the patience. Brenda, congrats on receiving it!
  15. I used up a skein making a scarf. Thought I had another skein of that yarn but couldn't find it. It's 36" so a guess it'll have to go to a little person. + 2 = +4
  16. Thanks, Debbie! The lap throw yarn is mill ends not labeled brand or fiber content that someone was destashing a number of years ago. Maybe a Caron simply soft. I originally intended a baby blanket but it ended up larger than planned. LOL I like your baskets!
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