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  1. Another long day with the grands--thought it was going to be shorter but it was longer. LOL The oldest one broke her arm yesterday so she was fairly quiet but the other three made up for it.

    During nap time I finished the edging on a lap throw for the nursing home but didn't use up any skeins.

    I think I'll go find something for supper followed by some chocolate.

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  2. It's been a long day! I had all four grands for 8 hours while DIL made a 5 hour round trip to get an MRI and see a dr. Dr got called to emergency surgery so she has to go back on Thursday. I hope I can survive another day. LOL I don't think dr's offices understand having to go long distances to see a specialist.

    Good news is that I got in a little crochet time while the two year olds were napping. Finished the last round and a half on a blanket and a skein. Then used up the last little bit of another skein when I started a lap throw.  +4

    Just cooked some  bacon for BLT's for supper. Hopefully I'll get to bed early. Oh shoot, I just remembered this is DH's steroid day so maybe not.

    We missed the rain today but it's in the forecast all week. I really, really need to weed the garden and get two 6 packs of plants potted. Maybe tomorrow.

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  3. I'm on the last two rounds of Jay's blanket but will have to make something else to use up all the yarn. No crochet time today. We have a double birthday pool party at noon. Hopefully any rain will hold off til later in the day.

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    HAPPY 4TH!

  4. Oooh that's pretty! I agree--I don't see any lavender in the retro. Do you think it's six different colors of whatever yarn it is rather than a striping yarn?

    That's a really interesting stitch pattern too. Do you know the name?

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