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  1. It all depends on whether she works from a skein or from an actual ball of yarn. If from a skein or multiple skeins, Mary Jo sent a couple of good examples of what is available. If she works from a ball of yarn here is a bowl listed as large (9" wide x 3" high): https://www.michaels.com/large-dark-mango-wood-yarn-bowl-by-loops-and-threads/10585047.html?cm_mmc=PLASearch-_-google-_-MICH_Shopping_US_N_Knitting%26Crochet_Tools%26Accessories_N_N_N-_-&Kenshoo_ida=&KPID=go_cmp-6723841436_adg-83047649727_ad-388126269839_aud-385702998888:pla-342310452910_dev-c_ext-_prd-10585047&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsYb0BRCOARIsAHbLPhFcVbmjmzgNVCLrFcGrS5fmJiRi995eDQ78Sp5DdKNV3XEr-i78uIkaAmceEALw_wcB Typically yarn bowls don't seem to be very deep.
  2. So pretty, Judy! I love the colors. Glad the yarn didn't run out. LOL Hope your friend gets her sense of taste back; it would be horrible for that to be permanent. We had some scary weather come thru last night, but missed the worst of it, thank goodness. Sun again today was a treat. More rain Mon and Tues. I have been seriously procrastinating on our taxes, but finally worked on it some this afternoon. I really want to get everything to the accountant before the end of the week. Of course, I've moved that deadline at least three times already. LOL Nothing particular on our calendar this week, but lots of things in general to do. Off to crochet and watch a show.
  3. I guess I won't have crochet time today since I HAVE to finish up gathering tax info to take to the accountant. WTD 0 YTD -46 I just realized that my yarn order is at the post office waiting on me to pick it up, so I'll go ahead and count it. Three skeins so it cancels out my +6 for the week.
  4. Judy, glad your friend is better. On line shopping is sure a big help. We've always used it a good bit but certainly more so now. Brenda, glad to hear sis is improving. Bailey, I had read that about the school meals being delivered. It's great that the govt is stepping in when the churches can't. We 're getting to the end of several sunny, very warm days. Forecast is still the rain, sun, rain, sun thing. A friend mowed the main parts of our yard with a bush hog yesterday so that was a big help. DS 's co-worker had a negative test so he's back at work. His company has started some very generous rules. If you're sick, stay home and it's paid sick leave. If you have to stay home because of no child care, you get paid. He had six out in his dept yesterday, but others came in to work overtime. Even with that people take advantage. They fired two in another dept who tried to get everyone to call in sick so the section would have to close down. The pool people uncovered the pool Thursday. We're going to have 60's/40's temps most of next week so there's no point in turning on the heater yet. Hopefully the next week. Hope everyone is well! Stay safe!
  5. I made two small wash cloths and used up a ball..+1. I'm getting to the end of an afghan and used up one skein and rolled three skeins into balls...+5....= +6.
  6. The post office uses UV light in the processing/sorting of the mail.
  7. Hello from Mississippi! http://www.webwhispers.org/library/StomaCoversandPatterns.asp You have to scroll down a piece to get to two crochet patterns.
  8. Filling up at the gas station I use a paper towel to push the buttons and on the pump handle. That might help on the card machines too. Wish we could share some of our rain with you. 6.5" this month (4" of that was this week) and 20" for the year. Sure hope we don't have a wet spring on top of the wet winter.
  9. I just looked up the Publix article. They don't allow masks or gloves at the check out. So you can't cough on the clerk but she's still touching everything you just touched. Not sure how helpful that will be. The article said Krogers was installing partitions too.
  10. It was an interesting day out and about today. The cancer center was doing things differently. Signs all in the parking lot to stay in your car, call in and wait to be told to come in to avoid crowded waiting rooms. Somehow our call didn't get into the system. Called again after 40 minutes and finally got the ok to go in. The lab people were wondering why we hadn't showed up for his apt. Then it was one of those days when it took forever to get the lab results. They were making a lot of the patient's drivers/helpers sit in the car but somehow they never told me to leave, so that was good at least. It all took long enough that we ordered pizza delivered and ate during his infusion. Lots better than having to eat in the car afterwards. On to Walmart where lots of shelves were empty. Then to Krogers where I found a new more things--eggs in particular. Both stores had limits on even distilled water (needed for CPAP) but between the two he's good for a while again. Home and unloaded, exhausted as usual at the end of chemo day, but was able to take a little nap so that helps me be a lot more patient this evening. Hope everyone is well and coping with all this craziness!
  11. Pretty! Nice texture.
  12. I have missed checking on the NatCroMo blog lately. There are a couple of giveaways listed if anyone is interested. A yarn bobbin holder and a spice and sauce cookbook. https://crochetville.com/category/natcromo-blog-tour/
  13. I napped this afternoon instead of crocheting. WTD 0
  14. Cindy, that's great news on the test!
  15. Cindy, praying you and DH haven't been exposed and don't get sick.
  16. Ellie, you just never know how the scores will vary from week to week. I'm getting close to the end of several skeins but there may not be enough crochet time to finish anything. I'll see how it goes this afternoon. Hope everyone is well and able to stay in as much as possible.
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