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  1. I used another skein yesterday...+2 = WTD +4 YTD -15
  2. How can it seem like the days go by slowly but yet it's the end of May already?!?! LOL Mississippi starts "safe return" on Monday which lets pretty much everything open with limits/rules but with DH's issues we're still in the category instructed to continue sheltering in place. This has really gotten old! At least he's getting to the point of not needing constant "fetching and carrying" and I'm getting a little me time. PT is definitely helping his mobility. I finished off a skein yesterday...+2.
  3. Cindy, praying that your BIL does well with his procedure. We got together with DS and his family Sunday and Monday and swam and cooked on the grill. A couple of friends dropped by to swim also. Fun but definitely tiring days. Nice to be around some other people for a while too. DH has his second PT session today so I expect him to take a long nap this afternoon. I hope to crochet some then. Haven't been much in the mood to lately.
  4. Denise, your dad has really had a hard time! Hope he's on the mend now with no more complications. I understand what you mean about wanting a few weeks to yourself.
  5. Pretty, Judy! Nice blending of the colors.
  6. Pretty! Makes my eyes cross just thinking about making something that small. LOL
  7. They're all cute! I hate patterns where you just have to figure out some way to make it work.
  8. Mary Jo, I'm always amazed at your graph ghans! I would never have the patience. Brenda, congrats on receiving it!
  9. Judy, cute hats! It's been another week of what day is this. I don't think I've even picked up a crochet hook except to move it from the grands' reach. DH's white blood count has tanked again (they postponed his infusion and decreased dosage of oral chemo) so just when he's getting a little more freedom from ortho (he can bend the knee to 90 degrees--different brace with a hinge--and put weight on it; the in-home PT person comes tomorrow), he still can't get out around people. Upstairs AC wasn't working; AC guy came yesterday and couldn't find the problem except to say there's no power in the attic. DS got home this morning and found the cut off switch that was off, so upstairs is cooling again. Big relief that it was that simple. Catching up on washing today, other stuff to do, but that crochet hook is calling me. More businesses are opening here but it's still stay at home for us except for essentials that can't be ordered on line. The weather has bobbed up and down so much that we still haven't had any pool time (except for DIL who will swim when the water is in the 70's). I turned the heater back on today, so hopefully we can swim this weekend. Just realized yesterday that this is a holiday weekend--thought it was another week off. Hope everyone is well and having a good week!
  10. No rain today despite the forecast. The lift and platform are installed. He used it and my dad's old motorized chair and went out to the shop in the backyard for a little while late this afternoon. The opening and closing of doors and gates takes a second person but not a strong one. LOL So the two of us can get him in and out without extra help now. A big step in the right direction. Hopefully Tuesday's ortho apt will bring less restrictions and he can get out of the chair and use a walker. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  11. I used up a skein making a scarf. Thought I had another skein of that yarn but couldn't find it. It's 36" so a guess it'll have to go to a little person. + 2 = +4
  12. Very true, Cindy. I like your bag! We've got some rain in the forecast tomorrow. Sure hope it doesn't delay the installation of DH's lift. He's got appointments Tuesday and I'm sure looking forward to getting out without having to have help. This has been an odd week. Couldn't seem to keep up with what day it was. Not that it really mattered. Lol
  13. I'm afraid when the numbers all come in that's going to be the case in many/all states. Mississippi has 465 deaths with 212 of them in long term care facilities. When you add close quarters with the age/health issues of the patients, it's unfortunately not surprising.
  14. Thanks, Debbie! The lap throw yarn is mill ends not labeled brand or fiber content that someone was destashing a number of years ago. Maybe a Caron simply soft. I originally intended a baby blanket but it ended up larger than planned. LOL I like your baskets!
  15. Thanks, Pam! I made a dozen water balloons and used up a skein...+2.
  16. I saw an article yesterday about the testing that the military bioweapons group did to find the best material for homemade face masks. They say 4 ply microfiber cleaning cloths filter 75% of particles (N95 masks filter 90%).
  17. My current favorite no brainer/travel pattern is hdc between the stitches. Here's a lap throw and two doll blankets in that pattern and a solid granny doll blanket.travel
  18. Here is the lap throw and three doll blankets.
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