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  1. I got an email today that one of the yarns in my Mary Maxim Afghan kit is backordered until the middle of August, so I'll have a little time to try to get back into positive numbers before then. I finished part 3 on the planet earth cal today and used up a skein...+1.
  2. Too bad Zelda won't appreciate how cheerful they are!
  3. Thanks! I've had a lot of time sitting around various medical facilities this year and they're a good project--not too big to haul around, but you aren't going to finish it too quickly either.
  4. Thanks! The darker blue one is the mountain mist afghan. It's a free pattern.
  5. Marking an item off my list. I'll be taking 5 lap throws and 2 shawls to the nursing home this week.
  6. I'm planning to make a trip by the local nursing home this week. I've ended up with 5 lap throws and 2 shawls.
  7. Debbie, thanks for the laugh! I imagine we have lots of good company on that first step. Jessie, I made the list not as a "I've got to get these done" thing, but rather so I won't forget what I have. Definitely don't need any stress over it!
  8. They're all such pretty cheerful colors!
  9. Pretty colors! I know she'll love it. Graph patterns make my eyes cross just thinking about them.
  10. Good morning! My name is Mona and I am an addict! I just made a list of the projects that have yarn assigned to them and are sitting there waiting--19! And I'm sure a missed a few. Not to mention all the patterns I want to make that I don't have the yarn specifically for and all the yarn that is sitting around waiting for a project. I fully embrace my addiction and enjoy every minute of it! Happy crocheting!
  11. It's been really hot here, too. But then a friend stopped by and pointed out that it hasn't really been hot this year--hasn't hit 100 actual temp. As hot as the real feel has been, I sure hope it doesn't. We're headed into some cooler weather after rain Monday. Not good for the cotton farmers but I'll sure enjoy it. Cindy, summer and no AC is really NOT fun. Brenda, sounds like a fun day and y'all seem to be making good progress on getting things sorted out for the move. Judy, hope you get a break in the heat this week, too.
  12. Hello from Mississippi! What are you planning to do with the granny squares--a blanket?
  13. I just tried that on my Samsung Galaxy and it worked! Thanks for teaching this old dog a new trick. LOL
  14. Yes, it's dc, using Tamara Kelly's pattern: https://www.mooglyblog.com/the-solid-granny-square/ I always feel like I've accomplished something when I use up those balls and they aren't just sitting around taking up space.
  15. I used the left overs from the Bernat Pop! yarn plus some other scraps to make this lap throw for our local nursing home. Finally got around to weaving in the ends this morning.
  16. Yes, that's the pattern. Thanks for putting in the link. I'm on my phone--if I can copy and paste, I don't know how. Lol I like the feel of the Pop yarn--definitely cushy.
  17. Thanks, Donna! I finished the second one and rolled a skein into a ball...+1 = +3.
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