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  1. Pam, it has some interesting stitch patterns. I like that the stripes aren't all the same width.
  2. Trying to finish a scarf--half-way done so no skeins used up yet. WTD 0
  3. Hope you'll come back in the future. It takes everyone doing what they can to participate to keep any group going. I doubt that any other group has such friendly and helpful crocheters.
  4. Oh, he's so cute! Definitely better than a live one.
  5. Just to keep you informed--TexasPurl will be the moderator of the 2020 thread. Things have been pretty hectic for me this year and she's graciously agreed to take on this task. I'll still be participating and look forward to seeing everyone on the new thread next year.
  6. We're glad to have you join in for the last few weeks of this year. There will be a new thread for next year and we'll start our new count then at 0.
  7. Brenda, hope you're feeling better soon. You've had so much going on--hope you will have some time to relax soon. Every time I think my brain will spontaneously combust because there's so much going on to keep up with, I think at least I'm not moving, too. The knitting retreat was a fun relaxing time. Unfortunately a day back into reality is fast cancelling it out. LOL I did accomplish a lot. Finished GS's blanket and just need to weave in the ends on DIL's blanket. Finished a scarf for an auction Wednesday, a small Christmas present (bottle holder) and just need to put the buttons on the greyhound sweater and mail it to DS. I got down some of the Christmas boxes today and have made a start on decorating. I've already decided I won't use as much stuff as usual, just the tree, the mantle and the dining room table. I plan to have the GDs over to help decorate the tree Thursday, then I'll bake cookies Friday and wrap presents somewhere in there. No need to panic--there's still two weeks to get everything done. We're headed back to colder temps tomorrow with rain turning to a "wintry" mix. Hope to get back home before the mix starts.
  8. I finished the Phoenix blanket and used up a skein...+2 which brings me to +7. Just checked and my baby yarn arrived...-26, so..... WTD -19 YTD -47
  9. I finished a scarf and rolled a cake into a ball...+1. Working on a dog sweater and used up a ball...+1 = +2 Weaving in the ends on the dog sweater. Used a skein and a ball...+3 =5
  10. Hello to everyone! It's been really busy, as usual. Brenda, glad the end is finally in sight! Diana, hope you can shake off the bronchitis real soon. Judy, I always enjoy seeing your furbaby pictures. Cindy, hope the dizziness is gone. That gets really old real quick. Hope bil responds well to chemo. Mary, hope the doctors are finding answers for dh. We had a nice but fairly quiet holiday. It's a big relief that I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Now just cleaning, cooking, decorating, wrapping, and a birthday party. Plus we may have a new family member arrive just before Christmas. DS and DIL are probably going to adopt her nephew and if things progress through the system like they think, the foster mom and her two teenage daughters will bring him from Wyoming, arrive on the 23rd,and stay over Christmas. I'm headed to my annual knitting/needlework retreat today, home Sunday. I'm sooooo looking forward to it---really need a few days break. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  11. greyhoundgrandma

    Fur Birds

    Cute! I know they'll love them.
  12. I'm not where I can copy and paste. Look for reversible baby shell blanket on allfreecrochet.com.
  13. Pam, nice colors. I look forward to seeing pictures of your progress.
  14. Thanks for the link! I always enjoy seeing the crocheted doors as well as the patterns.
  15. Thanks, Debbie! I was just about to do the YTD scores but you're ahead of me. Hope everyone had a good holiday this week and that no one is/was in the worst of the bad weather. I got my tree up yesterday--that's just the tree, not decorated. Not a really big task since it's artificial and lighted. Today's aim is to get all the boxes of decorations down--high cabinets/ladder--which is definitely more work. I'll be headed to my annual knitting/needlework retreat on Thursday. Can't wait!!! My projects are in their bags--probably more than I'll ever have time to finish, but I sure don't want to run out. LOL
  16. Those are my kind of friends! That pattern has been on my to-do list for a while. What colors did you get?
  17. http://priscillascrochet.net/free%20patterns/Baby/Baby%20Girl's%20First%20Christmas%20Stocking.pdf http://priscillascrochet.net/free patterns/Baby/Baby B0y’s First Christmas Stocking.pdf It's been a while since I made the girl one, but it was the first stocking I ever crocheted and it was pretty easy. I used traditional Christmas colors.
  18. I threw away a yarn ball snarl...+1. Next week will probably be in the negatives--I ordered some baby yarn. Best friend's daughter is due in March so it's time to get something started after Christmas. WTD +1 YTD -28
  19. Reminder: this is the last week of the month, so please post both your WTD and YTD scores on Saturday. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!
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