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  1. I finally got some crocheting done yesterday. The first two parts of the planet earth cal. Not a great picture, but I did learn how to post the picture from my phone instead of emailing it to myself and then posting from my desktop computer.
  2. It's been a busy, hectic day--thanks for the laughs!
  3. No problem! I just so glad it was a happy surprise that kept you busy!
  4. The two of us and 3 extras Friday night (plus other son's family of 5 for supper). Saturday night we added 4 more spending the night. Plus 6 more during the day--lunch--Saturday (minus son's 5). It was kind of like herding cats trying to figure out who was going to be where at what time/day. LOL
  5. Jessie, I'm going to assume something came up and go ahead and post the scores. Hope it's in the enjoyable end of the scale and that you're not having a problem getting into the site. Scores for the week ending 7/13/19: Tie for Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 & Ellie 13 +5 Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +1 Holding steady: MalisaMeesa PBLKNP greyhoundgrandma TexasPurl No Shoot the Moon Winner this week!!
  6. Brenda, it's was a little too much company at one time for my taste. Maybe because to was all guys and no lady friends mixed in. LOL And of course, there are all those sheets to wash and beds to remake now. I hesitate to say it, but the weather hasn't been bad to this point. Mostly a slow gentle rain off and on all day--less than an inch. I've wasted most of the afternoon piddling with this or that but it was nice not to have anything I had to do.
  7. Jessie, if it includes yarn that you have no interest in, you can always donate it. Sorry, but I had to laugh about 4 bins of yarn. You would be shocked at what I have. I can't resist sales and always have more project ideas than I could possible complete. I get in trouble when I go ahead and buy the yarn for a project and then don't get around to it for a while. I have learned to put the pattern with the yarn, so I don't open a bag/box next year and can't remember what I was going to make with that yarn. LOL Or I buy yarn for a project, start it, and realize that I hate the pattern and don't make it. I just ordered an afghan kit on sale at Mary Maxim. It doesn't say how many skeins of yarn there will be. I haven't been able to get in a constructive mindset this afternoon so just passing time with this or that.
  8. I was just typing that, Brenda. They say registration is closed until later in the month.
  9. Brenda, it was great weather today for our company. A little cooler and some wind. They're talking about 3-5" of rain tomorrow and maybe a couple more Monday with wind gusts 30-35. Seems like a lot of the time we don't end up getting as much as predicted, but we are on the west east side of the storm. For tonight we have 5 bedrooms occupied and someone on the couch. I plan on being a couch potato tomorrow afternoon after everyone has left! Judy, cute blankets!
  10. Nothing used up this week. I feel like I've been herding cats the last two days. WTD 0
  11. Ellie, you may have said in the past, but what pattern do you use for the pocket prayer shawls?
  12. I'm pooped. The house is as ready as it's going to get for the company this weekend. I have a little cooking to do in the morning then everything else except breakfast is on the grill. May be a really interesting time. The forecast is swing around wildly from the original nice weather, to lots of rain, to some rain. We're in the 8"+ forecast for Barry, but I have no idea when that will come through. It wouldn't be that big a deal except one of the guys is bringing his family which includes two small children. But we will survive, no matter what. LOL
  13. We have the sauna here, too. 91º, feels like 103. Cindy, hope you find your bag. I've had that pattern on my to-do for a while, but just haven't gotten to it yet. Enjoy the gorgeous while it lasts!
  14. Hello from Mississippi! My son and his family lived in CO until 3 years ago. First in Aurora and then Parker.
  15. Sounds like the nicest surprise ever and a really fun day!
  16. I may have to try that one. It's a really pretty stitch pattern. I'm weaving in the ends and about to join the squares of two Bernat Pop Petals blankets. It uses the mattress stitch to join the four squares, which I've never used before. But it doesn't look hard, just a matter of setting my mind to doing it. Also down to making the car and truck appliques on a Mary Maxim cars blanket.
  17. Judy, I don't understand how neighbors can be so inconsiderate, but they are definitely out there. Pretty blanket--great use of scraps.
  18. Jessie, I love your Phoenix blanket. I ordered the yarn for that pattern--part of my negative this week.
  19. Scores for the week ending 7/6/19: Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +7 Silver Medal Winner: Ellis 13 +2 Holding Steady: pineknott TexasPurl smskutt PBLKNP Playing with new friends: greyhoundgrandma -62 Shoot the Moon Winner: Inkked0317 -107
  20. I hope to gather enough energy to crochet a little this afternoon, but I don't expect to use up any yarn. WTD -62
  21. Mary, I'm sorry you need a new oven, but I did have to laugh about the asparagus. Too bad it wasn't liver or something less tasty. Hope it wasn't your favorite pan. Brenda, that's a lot of rain! Glad you have such good help sorting through things. DH and I both keep way too much stuff. I keep saying I'm going to go through some of it, but that's as far as it's gone. Shani, I like the colors in your ripple--very pretty. Yesterday was hot and busy, but the kids had lots of fun. We had several rain showers but enough sun in between for them to get pink cheeks. Taking a break today. Double birthday party at the pool tomorrow. I wove in some ends this morning and plan to get some more done this afternoon, so I can get started putting squares together on the two Bernat Pop Petal blankets.
  22. HAPPY 4TH! God Bless America and everyone on Crochetville!
  23. Mary Jo, I love your basket! Judy, such a pretty blanket!
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