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  1. Good to hear from you, snowbear! I think the older I get the busier I am. Seems like it should slow down somewhere in there. Or maybe it just takes me longer to do stuff!
  2. Brenda, old habits really are hard for some people to break. My friend always says her husband believes in elves and Santa because he thinks all the work that goes into Christmas just magically happens and poof everything is ready. Some people just live in their own little world. Sounds like you need to find a simple, no cook dish, like salad, or an easy dessert to take to all those potlucks. darski, sometimes we need reminding of our blessings. So may different perspectives are one of the things that makes this group interesting. Denise, cute dress. I like how the variegated made a diagonal stripe.
  3. Denise, Panda is adorable! Great mats, too. I'm lucky that DH has a shop in the backyard where he piddles around with projects and visits with friends. We would both be bonkers if he was in the house all day!! I usually wake up earlier than he does and really enjoy that quiet time too. Chris, you're making great progress on your projects! I'm in awe of all the little things you do and so much detail. I'll gladly do ten blankets to not have to make little things that have to be put together.
  4. I finished a doll blanket and a skein of yarn...+2 = -4. Older son is coming to visit today, so probably no crochet time. It was one step forward last week and one step back this week. LOL WTD -4
  5. Sounds like some good sales! That's a lot of yarn to use in a week! I started to tell you last time that -20 really wasn't being very bad, but thought maybe that wouldn't sound very nice. LOL Do you have plans for the yarn already?
  6. Tension and hook size are definitely the first things to consider. Additionally a skein of yarn that feels soft and squishy will often not feel that soft after being crocheted even with the proper gauge.
  7. We have a pool but there aren't any indoor pools close. My DIL goes to a swim group on a college campus but it's an hour and a half round trip. So I'll just have to wait til it gets warmer. I never was a water person and I'm not really a swimmer. I can move thru the water but it's not proper swimming. A lot of the time I sit on a noodle and move my legs like I'm riding a bike or just back and forth. There are some water exercises I do part of the time too. I really miss the pool time in the winter.
  8. Brenda, I envy you the swimming. The weather's been too yucky for walking and I'm so out of shape anyway. I really need something to blow the cobwebs out of my head. Judy, I think I tend to be on the loose side of tension, so that doesn't help. I haven't tried the hydrangea pattern but it looks pretty simple. I'm anxious to start on the dahlia, but I really need to get a couple of other things done first. This was an up and down insurance day. AFLAC paid the appeal and we have another claim in the review stage so hopefully it's the one I called them about. Then the house insurance adjuster called today and said they were about to mail us a check for $1000. The estimate from the roofing co. is over $9000. So a lot of negotiating is in our future. We asked for a detailed list of how much they are paying for what. I think we need to call our local agent tomorrow and get his advice. Our glazed terracotta/ceramic roof tiles evidently just don't fit into the computer program this guy is using. Now that I have whined sufficiently, I think I'm off to have a little hook time.
  9. Yarn order came in today. Three skeins for a baby sweater.... -6.
  10. Those are all very pretty. I especially like the diamond one and the squared up.
  11. Scores for the week ending 2/15/20: Gold Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +18 Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +16 Bronze Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +4 pineknott +3 PAndrus -20 Shoot the Moon Winner: TexasPurl -72
  12. I used up a skein of pink, so.... WTD +4
  13. They're both really pretty!
  14. We've again gone from raining--over 5" this week--to cold. No sun yet, hopefully tomorrow and a couple more days before it's warmer and raining again. I have to put on boots to do anything in the yard. Ready for everything to dry out! I finished the second baby blanket for the shower Saturday. Hats are my nemesis! I started making the baby size of a multi-size pattern. Using fine #2 yarn instead of the dk the pattern called for. F hook like the pattern said. Somehow it ended up with a circumference of between toddler and child. How is than even possible??!! Ripped it out. Found a pattern I think I've used before--I'll try it if I have time tonight or tomorrow. Still waiting on the house insurance. Got them the last of the info they wanted last night and they say they're working on it. AFLAC messed up another claim, so I've got to get everything together to mail in an appeal. Not sure what their problem is--this is two out of the last three. There are a dozen things I need to be working on but I just can't seem to get motivated. I may have the grands for a while this evening so I'm telling myself I'm conserving my energy for that. Yeah, right! Just got back to the computer and found I hadn't posted this. Hope everyone has a good evening.
  15. Thanks for sharing the tip! It's so simple it makes you say--why didn't I think of that.
  16. Pretty! The spike stitch has been on my to-do list for a while.
  17. Hello from Mississippi! Hope the adoption comes thru soon.
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