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  1. I just tried that on my Samsung Galaxy and it worked! Thanks for teaching this old dog a new trick. LOL
  2. Yes, it's dc, using Tamara Kelly's pattern: https://www.mooglyblog.com/the-solid-granny-square/ I always feel like I've accomplished something when I use up those balls and they aren't just sitting around taking up space.
  3. I used the left overs from the Bernat Pop! yarn plus some other scraps to make this lap throw for our local nursing home. Finally got around to weaving in the ends this morning.
  4. Yes, that's the pattern. Thanks for putting in the link. I'm on my phone--if I can copy and paste, I don't know how. Lol I like the feel of the Pop yarn--definitely cushy.
  5. Thanks, Donna! I finished the second one and rolled a skein into a ball...+1 = +3.
  6. I made one for each of my GD's. I think the flower part is heavy for the rest if the square, but I think they'll love them.
  7. Here's the first one. I'm putting up peas instead of doing the border on the second one this afternoon.
  8. I finished one of the petal throws and used up a skein...+2.
  9. Mary, hope you adjust quickly to the new glasses! Hope you get that crochet time. Brenda, sounds like things are moving right along for the move. The girls spent the night and we all got a good night's sleep. DIL has picked them up already. I was looking forward to a quiet day, but our friend that grows veggies just called and he'll be bringing me two bags of peas--not really two bushels, but it's close--already shelled, thank goodness. So my afternoon is now planned for me. I just have to concentrate on how good they will taste this winter.
  10. Welcome to the group! Nice project--cute doll! I don't do amigurumi, but I hope you'll find the volunteers you need.
  11. We put off the sleepover until tonight. I'll have all three for a while then DIL will pick up the GS. I had a pretty productive afternoon. Washed 3 loads of sheets/towels, remade 2 beds, got the futon mattress that the girls sleep on out and made up (all our beds are tall, so they sleep on it on the floor), paid a bill and balanced the checkbooks, and joined the 4 squares of one of the petal lap throws. I hope to get the other squares joined this afternoon, then I'll just have 4 rounds of dc around each throw. It's another hot one here today.
  12. We're headed back to sunshine and heat indexes over 105 today. Barry's cooler weather was so humid that it wasn't much of a break. We got 2" of rain so that was just a good farmers rain. I think the GDs are coming for a sleepover tonight so I hope I can get a nap in somewhere today. Hope everyone is having a good week!
  13. Thanks! I have a mental picture of your fingers flying over the keyboard!
  14. I like the look and being able to change the colors. I ran into a problem this morning. On two threads--Our House (Part Three) and granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread--I don't have a reply to this topic. I tried logging out and back in, but it's still not there. Also the 2019 Stashbusting CAL. Thanks for all your hard work getting things sorted out!
  15. I finally got some crocheting done yesterday. The first two parts of the planet earth cal. Not a great picture, but I did learn how to post the picture from my phone instead of emailing it to myself and then posting from my desktop computer.
  16. It's been a busy, hectic day--thanks for the laughs!
  17. No problem! I just so glad it was a happy surprise that kept you busy!
  18. The two of us and 3 extras Friday night (plus other son's family of 5 for supper). Saturday night we added 4 more spending the night. Plus 6 more during the day--lunch--Saturday (minus son's 5). It was kind of like herding cats trying to figure out who was going to be where at what time/day. LOL
  19. Jessie, I'm going to assume something came up and go ahead and post the scores. Hope it's in the enjoyable end of the scale and that you're not having a problem getting into the site. Scores for the week ending 7/13/19: Tie for Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 & Ellie 13 +5 Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +1 Holding steady: MalisaMeesa PBLKNP greyhoundgrandma TexasPurl No Shoot the Moon Winner this week!!
  20. Brenda, it's was a little too much company at one time for my taste. Maybe because to was all guys and no lady friends mixed in. LOL And of course, there are all those sheets to wash and beds to remake now. I hesitate to say it, but the weather hasn't been bad to this point. Mostly a slow gentle rain off and on all day--less than an inch. I've wasted most of the afternoon piddling with this or that but it was nice not to have anything I had to do.
  21. Jessie, if it includes yarn that you have no interest in, you can always donate it. Sorry, but I had to laugh about 4 bins of yarn. You would be shocked at what I have. I can't resist sales and always have more project ideas than I could possible complete. I get in trouble when I go ahead and buy the yarn for a project and then don't get around to it for a while. I have learned to put the pattern with the yarn, so I don't open a bag/box next year and can't remember what I was going to make with that yarn. LOL Or I buy yarn for a project, start it, and realize that I hate the pattern and don't make it. I just ordered an afghan kit on sale at Mary Maxim. It doesn't say how many skeins of yarn there will be. I haven't been able to get in a constructive mindset this afternoon so just passing time with this or that.
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