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  1. Hello Everyone! I am looking forward to being part of this group...crocheters are wonderful people. Hope to hear from you. I posted a "need help" regarding the bullion stitch..for an afghan...hoping that someone out there can help me:hook . Have a wonderful day!
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    Crochet on a Roll

    Hello: Has anyone tried this yet? I picked up Annie's Attic booklet Afghans on a Roll, which has a beautiful afghan on the cover using the "Bullion Stitch"... I have begun this...and oh boy, not easy for me...practiced, practiced and practiced... finally mastered the stitch but now am having trouble interpreting the pattern after about the 4th round..my "roll stitches" do not line up...anyone out there willing to give me a hand...it would be appreciated:hook I know I am doing something wrong:blush Thanks for any help I can get...
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